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    Here is my listing.  Comments/Suggestions Welcomed

    bonesxxx Active Contributor

      This group is really great to work with and I've learned a ton from everyone.


      It would be great to be able to share my listing and get some honest feedback - good and bad.




      It is doing very well but I am sure y'all will have awesome suggestions for me. 


      Thank you!

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          margaret CommunityAmbassador

          Yes, unless there has been a change that I am not aware of, many members have shared a link to their listing over the years to get feedback.

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            u0999 Premier Contributor

            Let me start with saying I am a log cabin aficionado, I have 3. So speaking from some experience, you need a pro photographer to do photos, especially interior. I can see cabin has a lot of great features but they are not highlighted because of poor lighting in photos. Also add some colorful accessories. The watercolor is lovely but it is skewed , use some free online program to align it and repost.

            Love the rugs but would suggest some brighter toss pillows. The small bedroom with 2 twins - some artwork on the wall, looks bare. Kitchen is lovely, great stove but I almost did not notice it because photo is so dark. Log cabins absorb a lot of light - warm color accessories and a lot of lighting help a lot. Rust reds, russets, sage greens, whatever your color pallet. Imo anything white looks washed out against wood walls.

            I would replace floral armchairs with something more cabin-y or solid color.

            The front post by the entrance looks like it needs stain, probably easy fix, but noticeable in photo.

            Just for example. my log cabin vrbo.com/629999, photos are done by a pro photographer, see if it gives you any ideas.

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              margaret CommunityAmbassador

              Your place is beautiful! The views are stunning. I agree that it could benefit from some pops of color to make your photos stand out.

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                wildiris Senior Contributor

                I think that your place looks terrific!  I agree that the photos could benefit from better lighting.  I don't think that your decor needs changing (and I like the floral chairs).  For the photos, however, you could add pops of color by having bouquets of brightly colored flowers on a table or bowls of colorful fruit on the kitchen counter.


                Added - I forgot to mention that I would change the order of your photos.  A traveler has to scroll through a lot of exterior photos (including photos of a watercolor painting of the cabin) before he sees what the interior looks like.  As a traveler, that always makes me "suspicious."  I assume that the interior must not be very nice if I have to wade through so many exterior shots before I get to the interior.  Your interior is lovely!

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                    bonesxxx Active Contributor

                    Thank you!  I did it myself and I am a dude so... compliment accepted! :-)


                    I have had my eye on some of those log chairs and will eventually replace the wingbacks.


                    I wonder if some good portable lighting is all I need to make better pictures (and some color).  I'll give it a go and see how I do.  The new camera phones do amazing things these days.

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                    mvphawaiicondo Contributor

                    I copied one of your pics and edited it myself on my computer.  What do you think?  Yours is the first photo and my edited version is the second.  You can do it yourself.  I don't have an editing program but have gotten pretty good at it with my Mac.  I just added a little light and a little color and voila! It's just a matter of playing around with it till you like what you see.  Your cabin is lovely. 

                    f4aafe26-36e0-435c-b7f2-6a23160910cf.f10 3.jpgf4aafe26-36e0-435c-b7f2-6a23160910cf.f10 2.jpg

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                        bonesxxx Active Contributor

                        haha sounds so easy that a caveman could do it Hey, that's me!


                        I was going to re-shoot all the pics but you make a great point.  Maybe my software can make it a lighter (ahem) project.


                        Thank you!


                        p.s.  I DO try to understate the photos on purpose a little for two reasons.  One, the cabin is remote and very private so I don't like advertising to the world that it has a $4,000 stereo system, etc.  AND almost every guest comments that 'the photos don't do it justice"  Some may argue that they should but I like that guests are surprised to the upside as opposed to being disappointed.

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                        susaninrehoboth Premier Contributor

                        You've gotten good advise on photos so I'll be the copy editor. LOL. While most of the copy is great and  I saw no typos (Yeah-that's a first), you will lose your mind can be taken in a good or bad way, I'd reword to Calm your mind or similar. I don't like the section about don't split weekends. Make it positive instead of don't. Guests don't care that you will have vacancies. There may be a way to set your calendar so split weekends are not possible. There is something you can do to set check out day of the week and minimum stay or various days. Moderator(s)???


                        Lastly, you have the best thing going this coming year-Go Cavaliers! I would raise rates at least 50% for weekends when there is a home basketball game.

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                          koko Active Contributor

                          So since everyone else is taking a shot at this here's mine:

                          first off, the cabin is great! the landscape incredible and the privacy something people can't get easily.

                          I absolutely love the contempo styling of the armatures in the baths and that married with the typical cabin feel which makes is seem old and familiar while being fresh and new. I think you did a great job in giving an impression of the lay of the land. The quality of some pictures along with the resolution of some might be a problem.


                          Here's my cluttering up your kitchen



                          Just about 2/3 of the pictures could be enhanced with PS, Gimp or paint.

                          In some of them the staging could enhance what is there quite a bit - others suggested that already.

                          The outside is mostly fall - try some summer and spring ones and put the cabin in 1/3 of the frame and the landscape in the other 2/3.

                          Order them by spring- summer-fall-winter with the Holiday one  last.

                          Inside the order should be approach to the house, decks and common areas like kitchen and living areas before the bedrooms with bathrooms.

                          Chests in front of the bed centered, glasses on a tray, towels at an angle instead of straight if they sit on the chest. Throw pillows should be placed before larger pillows or grouped together as a "nest" to snuggle into. An occasional throw on a bed or chair gives the feeling of home and comfort, a fire in the fire place and a glass of eggnog could enhance the Holiday feel.

                          Guinness should be the opener, inviting your guests to stay at "his" cabin.

                          Which brings me to the ad copy:

                          John Muirs' into the forest I go might be copy righted. Give him credit and you are ok.

                          Incredible cabin nestled on a hill on 66 very private acres. H'Owl at the Moon Farm was completed in 2016. Relax and unwind under incredible stars and listen to the night sounds of frogs, crickets, owls, and sometimes coyotes.

                          My take: This cabin is nestled into the hillside, surrounded by 66 acres of beautiful landscape to provide total privacy and seclusion. Completed in 2016, H"owl at the Moon Farm lets you relax under a star studded sky while you listen to the frogs calling each other, crickets proclaiming the summer and owls swooshing through the night to settle on one of the many mature trees. Every so often you might hear a coyote call out looking for companions


                          So you get my drift, you lead in with a poetic quote, stick with the mental imagery in your text.

                          Your reviews are your best advertising, this could help make it just perfect.

                          PS my vote goes as well to the floral chairs, but with a throw pillow or 2.

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                            keepsmilin New Member

                            Nice shack...looks perfect for a porn shoot...

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                              bonesxxx Active Contributor

                              Take another look u0999, wildiris, margaret, susaninrehoboth, koko, mvphawaiicondo (pease).




                              I incorporated (almost) all of your suggestions.


                              The floral chairs are gone -- cost me $3K for the new ones but soooooo much better.


                              Thank you ALL for the great tips.  You are why I come here (not just to gripe about payment policy even though that has risen to olympic sporting level )

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                                db.meyer Senior Contributor

                                Very nice! I agree with one of the remaining comments/suggestions above. I too recommend that you move some interior pics closer to the beginning, not starting at photo 12.  Most guests would like to see the interior sooner rather than later!

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                                  linky17 Active Contributor

                                  Spectacular!  Love those chairs.


                                  My only suggestion is that you consider adding -- under "House Rules" -- that a signed/completed 'Pet Addendum'* is required.  You mention elsewhere that pets need advanced approval, but drive that home, here.  (FWIW ~ *I require a "Dog Addendum," and make it clear that only pups are permitted.)


                                  Did my under-grad in DC.  Spent lots of time in the beautiful wilds of VA.

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                                    mvphawaiicondo Contributor

                                    I love the lighting.  I love the chairs.  I think your place looks great.  I'm not a huge fan of the watercolor pics.  Maybe that's just me though.  It took me a few looks to realize they weren't pics gone bad.  Honestly, at first I thought they were pics suffering from over exposure in your editing.  Then I realized that they were artistic renderings of your place with sort of a water color look to them.  I think that they would be cool on the wall in a frame but perhaps not in your listing but again, maybe that's just me. Don't take them out on my account.  Also just because you are allowed 50 pics doesn't mean you have to use all 50 pics.  I'm one to talk though because I too use all 50!  But I guess I'm just thinking that you have 6 James River shots and maybe you don't need so many.  Also I noticed that from a travelers perspective, I wasn't really taking the time to read the comments on each pic but just flipping through the pics until the third go around when I was trying to figure out why there were so many of the same pic only to read that one was of the sunset, then another of a rainbow and then the next of two rainbows.  I realized that there was a story but before reading it seemed like a lot of the same thing.  Please don't remove on my account.  I just know you want helpful feedback and I'm just saying what I noticed but none of it is bad.  Ok nuff said.  Your place looks awesome.  Nothing that I commented on affects your listing in a negative way.  It looks like a super amazing place to stay.