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    Gas logs or wood burning fireplace

    ncmountaintime Contributor

      We are in need of a replacement gas log set (propane) for the fireplace. However, the fireplace itself is capable of being converted to a real wood burning fireplace. As a rental property, we are trying to determine whether or not we should change over to a wood burning fireplace or stay with a gas log setup. In our remote area it would be a better idea to supply the firewood for renters rather than struggling to help them figure out how to obtain good quality wood. Propane cost around $1 per hour to burn. A cord of wood is over $100. Being hours away from our rental property, a propane log set is certain an easier management solution than dealing with the whole firewood thing. Plus you have to make sure there’s plenty of firewood when guests arrive or they’ll likely be calling for a solution. So still trying to figure out whether or not to switch to a wood burning fireplace or not. Asking for advice & suggestions. Thanks.

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