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    Ideal sleeping configuration for a 2br in a ski resort

    utahdream Contributor

      Hello! I have a 2br/2ba in a ski resort. I just bought it and it will be my first season. It has been a rental and done well. Currently setup as King+twin in the master and a Full in the 2nd. I plan to redecorate and for sure will replace the full with 2 twins, as I believe that will make it more bookable for groups of singles. I am on the fence on whether I should do a twin and a twin bunk though, or just 2 twins that can be made into a king? Trundle is not an option due to space restrictions. Any thoughts on the advisability of using a bunk bed would be appreciated. I am a bit concerned about a liability issue if someone falls off of it. Also, not sure if young adults would like sleeping in a bunk. I know my crew def did when we were renting ski condos, but not sure how wide spread this would be. Here's my listing for reference: https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p977507

      P.S. the wall color is not my fault. I am working on it.

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          feibus Senior Contributor

          Some bunk beds have a weight limit, especially the ladder, so watch for that.  If you can find it, do a full over full bunk beds for the most space.


          I'd recommend a King in the master and two fulls/queens in the other room if there's room for it.


          Falling out of a bunk bed can happen, but so can falling off a regular bed.  Or falling off the refrigerator if the person really wants to get creative with their drinking sports.  Check with a good atty local to your VR to make sure you're covered for guest stupidity.

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            margaret CommunityAmbassador

            I would go with 2 extra long twins and get the kit to make it a king if the guest prefer 2 kings. https://www.amazon.com/EPHEDORA-Bridge-Twin-King-Converter/dp/B07KXXTDLR/ref=sr_1_4?hvadid=78408976507523&hvbmt=bb&hvdev…  

            You will need bedding for both the twins and the king. Bunks are a real pain to make the beds.

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              green_mango Active Contributor

              My vote is:


              Bedroom #1 king + twin (no change)


              Bedroom #2 king that can split into two twins


              We have 3 bedrooms and kings in all 3 - it's a very popular feature when booked by 2+ couples.  One of our kings can split into two twins.  We also have bunks for kids, but if no space I'd leave those out and just stick with the king/twin split.

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                  utahdream Contributor

                  Thank you i think this is the correct solution for me. Stupid question: those twin/king conversion kits on amazon, do they go under or over bed sheets? I am presuming under and you pull king-size fitted sheet over the combined mattress? Did any guest ever complain about this type of bed? Also, is this a simple enough job that a female housekeeper can do, or would I need to call a handyman? Thank you!

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                      margaret CommunityAmbassador

                      The go on the under the sheets. They are not difficult to use, your housekeeper should be able to handle it.

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                        green_mango Active Contributor

                        utahdream for the twin conversion it's pretty easy & I can do it myself (which says a lot because I have muscular dystrophy and hate bending over to do much of anything - ugh!).  Here's how we have it set up:


                        twin fully encased zipper bed bug enclosures

                        twin fitted waterproof mattress pads

                        **then we have the outer strap to tighten them together with the felt pad down the middle**

                        on top of that we have king size foam pad

                        then king size fitted waterproof pad

                        then the king sheets


                        I have bed bug cases & twin waterproof pads on so that they're already there and ready to go when split into twins.


                        I ask guests to let me know in advance if they'd like the beds split because I want our cleaner to do it - last time the guests did it they tucked the strap away and our new cleaner didn't find it and put everything back in a different order since she wasn't there to see how it was dismantled. 

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                            scowol Active Contributor

                            Being new to renting 10 years ago, we strived to accommodate every need and wish.   Our two properties have a guest room with the convertible twin XL/king configuration.  The two twin beds are on Hollywood frames with casters and have bed skirts, so they can easily pushed together/pulled apart, and I purchased a conversion kit on Amazon.   So we thought this would be easy and simple.  Wrong.


                            Our first housekeeper struggled to move the beds, even though they are on casters.  The second housekeeper was able to do it, but then complained that she had to move the nightstands, and they were too heavy (they are literally not heavy).  The our third housekeeper said it was an extra charge for the extra 30 minutes she said it took to convert the beds - wheeling the beds, moving the nightstands, lamps, cords, change the flat and fitted sheets from two twins to a king, strapping/unstrapping the beds, inserting the foam, and changing out the two duvet covers with the single cover, and packing/unpacking the unused configuration items (sheets and kit).  So fine, we decided to pay the extra fee to our cleaner for the extra work she indeed had to do.


                            Fast forward ... despite asking guests their preferred configuration and reconfirming before check-in, some guests decided on the spot that they changed their minds and didn't tell us.  Of course they did not return the beds as they were, so the housekeeper was always surprised and texted us with pictures of the "extra work."   As a consequence, we took the conversion kit out of the house.


                            Fast forward, we started having guest call during their stay to request the conversion.  This meant a trip for the housekeeper to provide the conversion kit, which of course we paid our housekeeper for the extra trip.  Of course, the guests expected that the housekeeper to convert the beds to their desired configuration while they sat around waiting.  After the third request of this nonsense, we were done.  No matter which way we tried, it was a cluster.  Done. Out.


                            It's been 3 years since we stopped advertising and offering the conversion.  The bedroom shows two twin beds only.  I've never had a single request in an inquiry or booking to convert the beds or even ask if it's possible.  It has made no difference in my bookings.  I'm so glad to look at this whole thing in the rear view mirror.


                            I share this real life experience so that you can be aware of what this entails.  I expect other owners offering this accommodation tosay "I've never, never had that happen in X years!" to which I say "How very lucky."


                            If you are local, then sure this can be simple for you to do yourselves. But if you rely on a housekeeper, just make sure your housekeeper is aware.

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                        bonesxxx Active Contributor

                        If it's been a rental and done well, then there is a history of who it attracts, no?


                        If couples, then two kings (with one king able to be split into twins) would be ideal.  If single ski-bums then all twins and bunkbeds to cram as many in as possible


                        It depends on who it attracts and who you WANT to attract.


                        I have a 2 BR and it's set up with one king and two twins for the simple reason that I WANT single couples and families with children.  I'll take two couples but that's my least preferred group so I don't cater to it.

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                            utahdream Contributor

                            you are correct and it historically attracted families with kids. I prefer to attract singles. They can pay more in total  when they split it 6 ways. also replacing a full with 2 twins doesn’t cut off family with kids, so seems like a win-win. I will probably also add a rollerbed with foam mattress to make it a 6 sleeper

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                              martyp Contributor

                              Interesting.  Why are two couples your least favorite?


                              We don't mind children, but we have a 48' wall of glass sliding doors plus a glass table top.  We find that small children leave hand prints all over the glass doors and on the top AND bottom of the glass table top.


                              We have a two bedroom with one queen each and a sleeper sofa.  Our bedrooms are not that big and we felt that a king would make the room too crowded (plus my wife is cheap).


                              Our county ordinance strictly limits short term rentals to 2 per bedroom plus 2 (6 total for a two bedroom house). This suits me just fine because, even though we have a very spacious great room ( VRBO 404117), I don't want more than that.

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                              calicalling Active Contributor

                              Hi! Congrats on your listing. Hoping you have an amazing first season. We have ski homes in mammoth lakes, ca. Where is your place?


                              My places are all 3 bedroom but we use a similar setup. IMO a master plus bunkroom gives the most flexibility to host different types of groups. Our 2 king master / 1 bunkroom model has worked well and we almost always use it when we design new spaces.


                              2 things I would suggest:

                              1. We always use log or square log construction. These beds arent cheap but are SUPER sturdy and can usually accommodate adults and up to 1500 pounds. We just bought some new for our newest home, but I often buy used on CL or FB marketplace. This type of solid wood bed lasts forever so i.dont worry about buying used frames (I buy new mattresses).

                              2. I prefer twin XL because they are more comfortable for adults and can fit a queen or king below the twin. I will post 2 listings (more pics there if you want more detail) and pics from each here. The room with space wall paper has purpose built xl twin over queen. The other has a twin XL frame but we removed the bottom twin and replaced it with a king platform from amazon.







                              Twin XL over queen, purchased new this summer because we needed 2 matching sets and it's a super high end home for our market.



                              Twin XL over king, converted from twin XL over twin XL



                              Hope that helps. Feel free to reach out if I can help as you get going!

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                                utahdream Contributor

                                Thank you everyone for helping me decide. Seems that given my space proportions two twin XLs convertible into a king is the most practical solution from the flexibility, price and aesthetics standpoint!

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                                    calicalling Active Contributor

                                    utahdream, I'm glad that you feel certain but please consider sleeping on a twin/king conversion before using it for your guests. I hope you don't mind me sharing my dissenting opinion . . . .


                                    Our king under twin is a permanent king. We do not convert it for several reasons:

                                    1) we lived in Europe where making 2 twins into a king using a 'bridge' device is a standard practice in hotels and homes ('matrimoniale' bed) and it is incredibly uncomfortable for me. I am small .. I can't imagine how much more uncomfortable it would be for guests who are larger than I am.


                                    2) The whole concept violates my personal mantra to overpromise and underdeliver. Many people (in my experience) make a booking decision based on having access to a king bed. It is a thing people look for and is sometimes the deciding factor in their booking. This type of split twin/conversion really underdelivers on what I find to be an important factor for guests. Bed complaints are some of the most common -- you need to overdeliver on whatever beds you provide (IMO).


                                    3) Practically, for me, this would be a nightmare for my crew and an admin nightmare to boot. A few questions you probably want to answer: How would you advertise it? As a king? a twin?  There really isn't an option on most booking software to effectively advertise this 'convertible' bed type. (Sure, you could describe it, but that cuts you out of filters and we all know that noone reads actual words in a listing) How would you have the guest communicate what they want for their stay? How would you communicate this to your crew? Would they always be prepared with appropriate bedding? In winter, with a short period of time for a same day turnover and 15 feet of snow on the ground, limiting the variables for my crew is the key to getting our properties ready for check in. They also don't have time for complicated set ups. Some days (Xmas, New Years, Prez day, etc) we are lucky if we are able to get everyone in by check in even when we limit chaos.


                                    Again, this is my opinion based on my experience trying to sleep on a twin twin conversion and running a crew in a very competitive, high occupancy ski area ... with all the challenges that presents.


                                    It's just my opinion ... but the best way to know for sure is to try sleeping on one and if you like it enough to use for a week yourself, and you make the choice to use if for guests, be sure to think through all the admin.

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                                        green_mango Active Contributor

                                        It sounds like I've definitely gotten very lucky!


                                        Our listing shows the bed made as a king - In 5 years I've only had 1 set of guests take it upon themselves to make into twins.  When I send their check in info a few days prior to booking, if the guest has several kids or a group on the large side I ask them if they'd like the king as twins or kept as king. 


                                        As far as advertising, the listings show 1 king and the note/description on the photo and in the listing details that it can be made up as two twins upon request.


                                        One of our non-converting kings is actually two twins - never a complaint about the comfort - many compliments actually.  It has two plush mattress pads on it over the conversion - I literally forgot it was two twins until my last visit when I was doing a deep clean and taking inventory so stripped beds all the way down. 


                                        I offer my cleaner $25 extra to do the conversion - it is some extra time, plus plugging lamps etc back in and moving the nightstands (thankfully very light weight). 

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                                          utahdream Contributor

                                          Thank you for your thoughtful response.

                                          1) Could you elaborate what made it uncomfortable? Trying it out is not an option unfortunately. I am assuming if 2 people are sleeting on it, they just each stay on their side and that's that.

                                          on points 2) and 3), I would of course advertise it as 2 twins, with the added description that they could be made into a king upon request. To drive the point home, I would add a split photo of the room, showing 2 configurations side by side in one picture. It has occurred to me that the housekeeper may want an extra $30 or something to perform this task, which is fine. I actually don't anticipate that I will receive a lot of inquiries that will require it. Thinking about potential compositions of skiing groups seeking a 2 br sleeping 6, you are going to have one of the following:

                                          1. A group of singles - they would prefer twins

                                          2. A family of 2 adults and several kids (+nanny may be) - they would prefer twins or be indifferent

                                          3. 2 couples - only these guys would potentially prefer 2 kings.

                                          In any given season, I will take between 10-15 reservations, maximum. Even if 2 couples are going to comprise 1/3 of them all, I am likely looking at 2-3 instances of this max, statistically speaking...

                                          While twin over king or queen is in and if itself a better option, my 2nd bedroom is just not large enough for such a thing. It is 118 inches wide with 2 windows, which lends itself to 2 twins on each side with just enough space to walk and place a small night stand in between them.


                                          On the same topic, what do yo think of this bed? This is adjustable split king that can be pushed together or pulled apart and gets rave reviews online: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CQ8WMBT/?coliid=IMG5PPL7JXFAA&colid=AW7KTD2971WQ&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it


                                          It is of course pricier, I can get regular metal twin XL bases for $100 each on wayfair, so wondering if this is something you think is worth paying for?

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                                              calicalling Active Contributor

                                              In my experience, the comfort issue is that the center tends to split (regardless of how many bridges, straps and do-dads you attach or don't).  When people book a king bed, they may not be interested in sleeping "on their side." Again, my goal is always to give guests more than they expect, not less.


                                              We host a ton of singles and families, so I understand what you are trying to do -- but we have an age limit (over 28) and our rates are comparably quite high for 3 bd/3 bath in our market. The higher rate you charge as compared to similar types (even tho not similar quality), the more guests expect to be wowed.


                                              It sounds as though you are approaching this thoughtfully, though, so if anyone can do this, it sounds like you can.


                                              For the practical setup issues with cleaning, I hope you can find a crew who can manage this or maybe you will be around to do it yourself. My crew is amazing, but they would not be jazzed about this (or about spending an extra 30 minutes) and I don't feel confident that I could manage the admin mid-season. Kudos to you that you can offer this flexibility!


                                              On the bed choices, my 2 cents -- remotes tend to get lost, even under the best circumstances but you may be able to find a way to affix them so they don't. If you host kids, they are going to play with these adjustable beds and probably break them. (IMO)


                                              I don't buy from Wayfair bc most of their stuff is overpriced for quality  (IMO). ;-)  I often use google image search to find their products elsewhere, sometimes for much, much less. Sounds like the beds you are looking at are fairly inexpensive, tho.


                                              I'm obviously not an expert on how to make this system work. For bed choices, your best resource is definitely green_mango