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        lljpence Contributor

        I feel your pain.


        We are in a highly competitive, highly serviced destination.  There are more competitors than guests. It's hard enough competing with accommodations that offer very low customer satisfaction, which it seems that the majority of guests are okay with as long as it's cheap, let alone the constant pocket picking by utilities, cable companies, taxing authorities, management companies, home service providers, HOA's and their incessant increases with limited ways for the home owner to shop to reduce costs. So after all those challenges, we are told that our cash flow is of less concern to the merchant service industry, than them sitting on our money for months bringing them in interest.  Can some of us handle the transition and supplement our business's cash needs until the cycle of payments comes full circle?  Possibly, but is it worth it?  There are many who can't, what happens to them?  Where does it end, people leaving the industry and then everyone's bottom line falls. Soon it will no longer be worth the time, stress and effort to continue.  I often wonder if the possibility of actually losing fed up home owners ever drops into the decision making of the pocket pickers. When lots of owners start saying, "Screw it.  I'll sell the home to an individual family, cash out and walk away." then the pocket pickers may really look at it from the homeowner's point of view.  

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          auntytammy Contributor

          Very well put, lljpence. When my husband and I first entered "the business" 15 years ago, ours was ONLY one of several dozen Vacation Rentals in our immediate area--now it's one of hundreds! Further, our property taxes were the same as our neighbors. Now we are assessed at basically the same rate as hotels--5-times what is was at the start. And, don't get me started on the changes experienced on this website alone. As you so well outlined, the list goes on,...


          The ONLY real positive has been the appreciation of our home itself. Selling becomes more attractive everyday.

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            u0999 Premier Contributor

            Well unfortunately there are plenty of starry eyed newbie owners who saw stuff like "vacation home for free" and are ready to buy from disgruntled veteran ownrs and turn over their VRs to the likes of vacasa and evolve.. at which point they are back in OTA inventory and race to the bottom continues.

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              twasmer New Member

              This is a money grab.  They forced us to register with YapCrap and VRBO is already taking 3% in fees AND charging customers CC fees not these guys want an extra 3%.


              We have had several clients say they are starting to move away from VRBO due to high fees.


              Time to start looking at Air BnB and Bookings etc.  VRBO only wants to take more of the pie. 

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                u0999 Premier Contributor

                start looking at Airbnb and BDC? Airbnb charges renter 12% and up, and you 3% to 5% depending on when you get paid. BDC charges you 15% commission (not sure how much they charge for credit card processing as I process my own for 2.9%). Neither is a replacement for vrbo.. been on Airbnb for at least 3 years and BDC a year.

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                  lljpence Contributor

                  Who is BDC?

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                    u0999 Premier Contributor


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                      coho New Member

                      Our experience with booking.com: Open account, set up "sync calendars", wait for approval (weeks for this particular property). Calendar does not sync, renter books dates that are already taken, BDC says "cancel your other booking (that we failed to sync), or we will pay for another place of our choosing for this guest and take it out of your bank account, and if you stop payment, we will sue you." Close account.


                      I think VRBO looks at that business model and licks its chops.


                      My experiences on AirBnB have been better than elsewhere, both as a guest and an owner. I think it comes down to how the corporation views the business: are they partners with the other players, and trying their best to do the right thing, or do they create loopholes for themselves (only) and look for maximal opportunities where they can hand money from one party to another and siphon as much as possible out of being a middle-man, while denying they are in any way a middle-man and claiming, therefore, that they have no liability. I can almost smell the sulfur emanating off of HA through my browser.

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                        lljpence Contributor

                        Whoa!  That's disturbing treatment of their "bread & butter"!  I've never heard that.


                        There needs to be a independent forum for property owners, where we can share stories that that.  Possibly even a review type site.  Granted, some people with even minor negative experiences are more likely to write a review, so that needs to be taken into consideration, but having independent accountability outside the booking sites will both educate newbies and let the booking sites know they are being watched and reported on.  The reason booking sites can behave like that is due to our lack of community and ability to share our experiences. I do applaud HomeAway for providing this forum, they don't have to. 


                        Our homes are how booking sites make their money.  We should hold more sway, as we provide the final product that is being purchased.

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                          u0999 Premier Contributor

                          I do not have any issues with calendar as I use Ownerrez integrated API so everything is real time. But yes, approval is a nightmare.


                          We can have all the community (and we do - there is a large group on FB) but they have tens of millions of dollars to buy top positions on Google. As long as google is monopoly and they pay it to be on top (basically monopolizing search results)... little we can do. Of course I agree we should hold more sway.

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                            lljpence Contributor

                            Thank you for the Facebook info.  I did not know that and I've been doing this since 2012.  I have a Facebook account.  I rarely post on it.  I will check for the group.  What is the name I should look for?

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                              u0999 Premier Contributor

                              'say no to vrbo service fee'

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                                erika Contributor

                                amanda_ha. samantha_ha, is VRBO/HA going to respond to the concerns raised on this thread? is VRBO/HA going to put advance payment into the contract for those of us who qualify for it now, instead of expecting us to sign a contract with terms different from what is posted on the forum here?


                                This is really, really frustrating.