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        floridagirl19 Contributor

        I just received the request to enter my banking info and W-9 to complete the app for HomeAway Payments. Finally!


        Now just hoping to get the email about Early Payments and then I can open up my calendar to longer than 6 months again...


        Phew this has been a rough process!

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          coho New Member

          Finally slogged through the new Terms & Conditions we need to sign off on in order to get our money in a timely fashion. Of note:


          The T&Cs we're supposed to sign for payments, in order to get "early" payments, says this: "We will initiate the transfer of the portion Accommodation Fees ultimately due to You to Your bank account in most cases within 1-2 business days after the scheduled check-in date for the Guest at Your Property. " Not only will that prevail over any checkbox we click or ephemeral promise on the website to pay us in "advance" (i.e. up to 3 weeks after the guest pays, which is an odd definition of "advance"), 2 biz days after a guest checks in is after the guest checks out for the majority of our bookings.


          This: "You also agree that we may, in accordance with the cancellation policy selected by You and reflected in the relevant Property listing, refund to the Guest the portion of the Accommodation Fees specified in the applicable cancellation policy. " directly contradicts the term stating that HA can refund the guest in full post-check-in. That's less than X days prior to checking (where X varies by your terms), and should only be subject to the % refund you allow.


          In the same way we'd like to know what "reasonable" reasons a guest could give for asking for a refund post-check-in, I'd like to know what "risk" and "fraud" reasons could be used to refuse to transfer my money: "for risk reasons, Your initial disbursement may be delayed by up to 30 days and, for fraud reasons, Your disbursement could be indefinitely delayed or cancelled. "


          For a company trying to earn our trust, this term in Hyperwallets T&Cs should make everyone nervous: "We reserve the right to change the Terms of Service at any time by posting a revised version in the Pay Portal. The revised version will be effective at the time we post it to the Pay Portal. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the Terms of Service. " Good companies would disclose upcoming changes, not silently drop them on your head and hope you don't notice. Rereading the TOSes of every site you use weekly is not a practical requirement.


          I know it's SOP these days, but the arbitration and no-class-action clauses are asking you to give up constitutional rights, and really shouldn't be in any level-playing-field contract.


          This all seems hastily tossed together, e.g. "You are responsible for ensuring that your Internet connection or any other method that you use to connect to the Pay Portal. ", a situation I'm convinced HA could have avoided by managing their vendor relations and contracts better (or simply enforcing existing contracts where the sufferees are not HA).


          I also see other T&Cs promising guaranteed income to home owners in certain markets, a move I don't think HA would make if they were so flush with owners that they could afford to drive many of us away. I think the right thing for them to do when asking us to switch payment platforms (to one that I'm sure makes HA more money) is NOT use the opportunity to ALSO change major terms of listing on the site. There is no situation being offered that doesn't make things worse for us than they were last month, and I don't see anything from HA that gives me the impression they're sorry about that. We see the market shifting from owner-friendly (because who would have thought even 10 years ago that people would be comfortable opening their homes to absolute strangers?) to overly-buyer-friendly, and that makes us think it's time to leave the platform, in the absence of some serious evidence to the contrary. Your mileage may vary.

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            feibus Senior Contributor

            The terms they have out there suck and are wrong or misleading in some places and they know it.  Expect the terms to change to match the actual offering once they publicize more of what you'll get from Vrbo Payments.  For now, they struggling to just keep up with the demand to onboard people.

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              green_mango Active Contributor

              Hi ha-moderator-michael - Any luck with info about Early Payments for those of us currently with Alternative Payments?  Thanks! 

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                hmmmm Senior Contributor

                I also think they were blindsided by Yapstone....

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                  edubbie Contributor

                  Thank you Yapstone?

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                    martyp Contributor

                    I think just the opposite. I think that vrbO, through their own ignorance, blindsided Yapstone. This is just conjecture, but my thought is that vrbO announce the in-house payment without even thinking that they were publicly announcing that they were going to destroy a significant segment of Yapstone's revenue.


                    Yapstone did not blindside; they simply kicked back.

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                      hekkl5 Contributor

                      Why does VRBO/Homeaway/Expedia use this useless payment system?  Why not use PayPal?  Another 3%? No way.  I'll wait.

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                        hekkl5 Contributor

                        Who is Yapstone actually owned by? Their website says:   Pay, Protect, Blend, Focus. Why do we need alternative payment? And that isn't offered to our renters?  Credit card, E-wallet,(MasterPass), check-scanning, split payments, pay w/ mobile app      .https://pando.com/2013/12/24/in-the-digital-payment-wars-yapstone-is-the-biggest-company-youve-never-heard-of/

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                          u0999 Premier Contributor

                          new vrbo system is hyperwallet that I hear is owner by paypal. But why not paypal? You dont really think that companies this large pay 3% to process cards? Maybe 1.5%-1-8% at most. The difference is additional income in their pocket.

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                            auntytammy Contributor

                            After all, I would think that most of us already have PayPal accounts...

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                              u0999 Premier Contributor

                              Yes but paypal will probably not give a share of 3% to expe. hence, no paypal for us

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                                auntytammy Contributor

                                They should be paying us for our business. This is all backwards. As I have stated before, I, for one, am sick and tired of making money for everyone except my husband and me (who otherwise live on his Social Security Disability checks). It's just all too much.