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        feibus Senior Contributor

        Corporate World doesn't do that.  They can't talk future stuff so easily once they're a publicly traded company.  I want the info too, but I know that all we can do at this point is be very clear on how we'll react to that kind of change.

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          db.meyer Senior Contributor

          You take me literally! Should have included an . We are not communicating well with each other today!

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            hill5185 CommunityAmbassador

            Michael  I do appreciate you working overtime to cover the War Room @#$% storm this announcement has created. I'm not likely to click anything to go further until VrBo comes to the table with real actionable answers. Sorry to inform you but you've @#$% and fell in this one. Ain't no one got time for this nonsense.


            What's even worse - "you" (VrBo) had the opportunity to grab the bull by the horns and present data/information to "partners" ( hard term to roll of the tongue tonight) but instead, you chickened out.  Wish I had a snap chat of my reaction to the email I received from Yapstone today- maybe then you could relate?

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              kmcbhense Contributor

              Expedia CEO 2019 Salary, $30,750,000...

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                hill5185 CommunityAmbassador

                Exactly- third party processing terms- if they solely use the terms as say Yapstone- it's largely based on credit score, banking history, and if they can verify your a living breathing human being. So just say it- if Yapstone approved the "client" for advance payment no reason another "third party" would not approve. There's no magician behind a curtain manipulating approval. It's credit plain and simple.


                To sweeten the pot - let's add listing history as a criterion - new listings have a waiting period - probation- whatever - Yapstone had this in play.

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                  twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

                  Well credit report could be an issue since yapstone was hacked and gave away all my personal information, including bank accounts. I had to change bank accounts and fortunately all three credit bureaus have been locked down for a few years. I even had to put a password on any phone calls to my bank since if you have a SS# you can access all accounts. GRRRRR!

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                    erika Contributor

                    Hi Michael, thanks for responding. However, it's simply not believable. Within 24 hours of receiving the pop up trying to get me to sign up for the new payment plan under a contract that is horribly drafted and under which I lose my advance payment rights ... suddenly now Yapstone decides to penalize me 3% for receiving payments the way I always received them since 2004 - at the time of booking.


                    and both of those things happen within days of my annual renewal.


                    I'm sorry but you must think we are really dumb if you think we are going to buy that this is not a concerted action. you must think we are really dumb to believe that Yapstone can unilaterally change major payment terms when VRBO is the client.


                    Please. Really we are not that dumb.

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                      wildiris Senior Contributor

                      ha-moderator-michael wrote:


                      However, we cannot dictate business decisions of 3rd party companies.



                      HomeAway Community Moderator

                      ha-moderator-michael - Yapstone isn't a third-party company vis-a-vis HomeAway.  HomeAway and Yapstone have a contractual relationship.  A "third-party company" would be a company that is not a party to that contract.  Of course HomeAway could have negotiated provisions in its contract with Yapstone regarding the percentages that Yapstone charges HomeAway customers.  I know that it's against Community Guidelines for me to post the same thing twice, so instead of repeating myself, please read the post I wrote in this thread earlier today at 4:08 pm.

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                        hill5185 CommunityAmbassador

                        Well there is that too

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                          hill5185 CommunityAmbassador

                          Trust it's a tough thing during something like this- VrBo certainly can mine the data necessary through booking history to determine legitimacy. Goodness knows those who abide by "market place" standards - the books are open

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                            auntytammy Contributor

                            I think all "Partners" should be sharing in Mark's BONUS this year, don't you all?

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                              db.meyer Senior Contributor

                              hmmmm - you can also list on "no fee" and regional sites in your location.  You may need to do your own marketing and promoting your listings on Facebook, etc., but you will be in complete control of your bookings, no guest fees, and in some cases entirely free to list.  Have you checked out Houfy, HomeEscape, and regional/tourism sites in your location?  Many here will say you won't get bookings, but you just might after all these new changes and charges, and especially that you can direct any repeat guests to these no-fee sites.  You can also add your listing to Google My Business/Google Maps. There are many ways to create alternative booking sources since I know you, like me, are experienced and wish to be in control of your business and guests.  Best wishes for diversification!

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                                db.meyer Senior Contributor

                                margaret, so when you use Yapstone as a "direct" payment processor you still get advance payments? Has there been any word that individual Yapstone users such as yourself might lose advance payment?  If not, that is great proof that this is an HA-isolated "incident" and they were working in tandem with HA to allow this change to happen and to affect only HA/Vrbo users in advance of the HA in-house payment rollout to all users.  As others have suggested, next step after offering some new in-house users advance payments is to then charge these same/all users the additional 3% advance payment fee.

                                • 103. Re: Yapstone should die.  Painfully.
                                  erika Contributor

                                  Exactly. It seems like an incredibly manipulative and disrespectful way to find out how much they can get away with. Right after renewal, force them into the Hobbesian choice of (1) paying an extra 3% for what should be a given right (payment at the time of booking, since the property is then not available to anyone else for 4-12 months and cannot be rebooked at the last minute) or (2) accepting the Orwellian new Homeaway contract, where they think you're dumb enough not to notice a major change in terms to get paid after checkin. As neither option is an acceptable one, I have taken my listing off instant book and considering my options ...


                                  My house is in a wilderness area and we don't offer refunds for a reason. Extreme events such as wildfire smoke and six feet of snow in 24 hours are to be expected. This is made clear up front in the contract and there are plenty of people who get it and understand why they can't get a refund if the highway closes due to snow. They will have to watch the forecast and plan their travel accordingly. They will have to be okay with insects, heavy pollen, smoke, shoveling snow, and a wide range of other "inconveniences" in order to experience the considerable wonders of our area.


                                  The new policy shifts all the risk to the owner. Sometimes 10% of my rental income for the year comes in two days at New Year's ... it is absolutely unacceptable for that money not to be banked ahead of time with a rock solid "absolutely no refunds for any reason" contract. I am not putting 10% of my income for the year at risk because some yahoo CEO can't be happy with his ... wait what? 30 million dollars a year. He doesn't need 32 million.


                                  I really hope VRBO / HA gets  a grip here.

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                                    captmarkhd Senior Contributor

                                    As of now it sounds as though VRBO is only concerned about the US market, hoe about the rest of the world? When will Vrbos processing be up and running WITH advanced payments for international Vrs?

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