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        hmmmm Senior Contributor

        So they will not ask us.....??????  Just refund on the word of the guest.

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          hill5185 CommunityAmbassador

          Exactly ? It's vague and ambiguous and one should check and submit and who knows what wormhole opens?

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            ha-moderator-christi HomeAway Employee

            Agreeing to the T&C's will move you towards the next steps of becoming eligible for early pay.




            HomeAway Moderator

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              hmmmm Senior Contributor

              Where are the links for the new HomeAway processing located?

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                erika Contributor

                There's no moving toward next steps until the early pay thing is sorted. It's such an underhanded way to do business. And instead of providing respectful responses to the many people who've called it out here, replies are getting censored and all of the real questions are being avoided.


                Is this what we can expect from VRBO / HA going forward? it appears to be a drastic cultural change toward having no respect for owners. I hope I'm wrong about this.

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                  keepsmilin New Member

                  Is there anything stopping owners from requiring guests to make the final (large percentage) payment 30 or 60 days out by personal check directly to the owner; or otherwise up-charging, say 25% , call it a risk premium, to use the platform payment system?

                  I am not comfortable giving directions and key code access to my home without having payment cleared in my bank account.

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                    auntytammy Contributor

                    It's criminal, just criminal, especially since most of us could easily process our own payments in this day and age for a fraction of these fees. If only...

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                      ha-moderator-christi HomeAway Employee

                      Hi keepsmilin,


                      This action would be a violation of the market place standards outlined below:


                      All bookings from HomeAway travelers must be processed through HomeAway checkout or reported through an integrated software. Content around avoiding the HomeAway service fee or any other request on your listing that attempts to direct travelers to another website or to book outside of HomeAway checkout is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to language, URLs, phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses.




                      Please let us know if you have further questions and know that we are working on an upgraded payment option for you.




                      HomeAway Moderator

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                        dbcondo204 Contributor

                        Christie:  You ask us to use VRBO's collection service, when VRBO can't even get its billing system in order.  We have been waiting five months for VRBO to correct serious problems with its billing system in Texas, yet VRBO continues to collect its ten percent fees on our local city tax of 9%, and continues to collect 6% fees on that same 9% money we try to collect to pay city taxes (both of these fees are illegal, and neither VRBO nor the Texas state government are allowed to collect fees or taxes on local tax payments).  We have been incorrectly billed by VRBO for over $4000 already this rental season, and the problem continues.  Now you ask us to trust you by switching our collection services to your accounts. Please see the dictionary of related angry posts at link below.

                        State of Texas taxes now being collected by VRBO

                        Your Texas customers are beyond fed-up!!  And now were told to ante up another 3% to get our own money back.  Given our relatively late rentals, this charge would amount to an annual interest rate of over 30% to get our own money, which sounds like greed typical of loan-shark rates even when people lend their own money, not return money already collected services provided by the receiver.  To whom do we send our bills for VRBOs inept (and probably illegal) billing practices. 

                        ANGRY BEYOND WORDS IN TEXAS!

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                          wildiris Senior Contributor

                          ha-moderator-christi   The standards only require that the booking be processed through the HomeAway checkout and that no attempt be made to avoid the HomeAway service fee.  The booking and first payment would be made through HomeAway.  HomeAway collects its service fee with the guest's first payment, so that would not be avoided.  Therefore, I don't understand how taking the second payment via a different payment platform would violate the Marketplace Standards.  Could you please explain?

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                            ha-moderator-christi HomeAway Employee

                            Hi wildiris,


                            All bookings must be processed through the HomeAway Checkout. Directing a traveler off-site for payment voids the book with confidence for that payment.


                            Please let me know if you have further questions.




                            HA Moderator

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                              u0999 Premier Contributor

                              gee .. I have my own credit card processing service. 2.9% regardless of card type I can control what kinds of cars I accept. How's that for book with confidence? You know, I can also control my terms, ie money is in my acct 2 days after payment is taken. How could I get that on  my own without thew buying power of multi billion dollar company? hmmmmmm

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                                u0999 Premier Contributor

                                reporting tools. nice. There isn't that much to report.... with vrbo share of bookings falling, eh?

                                • 73. Re: Yapstone should die.  Painfully.
                                  coho New Member

                                  Has anyone read the Yapstone agreement that's currently in force? There are several other questionable items in there, but this seems like the most blatant issue: "2.1 Fees. You shall pay YapStone fees as set forth below (“Fees”). YapStone reserves the right to modify any fees upon ten (10) days’ notice to You." The fees for Advanced Payments are not listed in here, so they shouldn't be able to charge them, but more to the point, for the same service* we have gone from 0% to 3% fees, with 0 days notice. That looks like it would be pretty easy to challenge in a court of law, and this company is probably big enough to get the attention of class-action lawyers. I'm just sayin'.




                                  * (i.e. getting paid by our customers in a timely manner, which, ultimately, is the only service these guys used to offer, aside from giving away our data for free in breaches)

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