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    Traveler’s question re: ask the owner a question

    bobbie32 Premier Contributor

      I am trying to find a place to book for 7 nights in late October.  I have been on several OTA site’s including VRBO.  The problem is that I have found a home on VRBO I would like to book, but unable to ask the owner a question without going thru the booking process.  Other listings allow asking a question, but this one does not.  It will allow me to ask a question thru their listing on ABB, but not VRBO.  What would cause this? Is it because of the type of listing they have - subscription?  I have a PPB listing and traveler’s can ask questions, so I know it is not a PPB listing. 


      Any help would be appreciated. It seem ridiculous to ask the questions thru ABB and then go back to VRBO to book.