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    Guest reserves Week for 5 Months. Cancels. Ive got 8 Days to rent Prime time. They want me to cancel our agreement. What benefit is there to me ? I will be losing $1000.00

    sdanville Contributor

      In April 2019 I reserve a PRIME week here in August. Now less than 2 weeks to possession

      the Guest wants me to cancel the reservation..  I explain..Okay, from your perspective, you are not showing

      up and thus want your money back.  From MY perspective...July and August are the Money Months..I held the

      week for 5 Months and my chances of renting it now is about 25%.  It would be 100% if you didnt reserve it.

      So, I will be out over $1000.   Why would I want to cancel it ?    They want me to cancel it so they get more money back from

      VacationRentals.com or HomeAway or whomever bought up whomever.  Ive read do not cancel.  But the dates on the calendar

      are not showing available.          Thank you for reading.  Owner / property Manager