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    Huge Increase in Technical Problems?

    kmcbhense Contributor

      Maybe its just me, but have others been seeing a HUGE increase in technical issues, outages, etc lately? I have never seen so many problems in our 11 years with VRBO. I'm thinking a huge amount of changes are on the horizon that they are BETA testing, etc.

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          timthek Active Contributor

          I hadn't noticed an increase lately. It has seemed to be a steady, if not constant string of glitches, bugs and errors for at least the past 18 months. To me it indicates a lack of testing and quality control in their IT department. It is inexcusable for a BILLION dollar company. I've never seen anything like this from another large scale consumer facing company.

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            scottr Active Contributor

            I'm not sure that there has been an increased the number of issues, but the impact to owners certainly seems to have increased.  Like timthek says, inexcusable for a company the size of Expedia, especially when financial transactions are involved.  

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              bigdaddy New Member

              I agree... I've been unable to update my rates for next summer and so it is automatically quoting at the lowest default rate. I get stuck in a loop when I go thru the updating. My renters who like to return, are unable to hold these times.


              I also lost one rental when I told the potential renter that the rates were actually not as stated. It really makes you look bad, so to avoid this, I disabled "Instant booking". It's been nearly a week and I've called several times, but still, no fix or answers.



              EDIT: My rate updating problem looks to be fixed. Customer support was very supportive, so thanks for their efforts. I've also reactivated "instant booking". Now we need HA/vrbo to reinstate the "payment upon rental" policy as opposed to the "payment upon check-in."