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    Review taking forever to post after we've both submitted

    erinc New Member

      I have a review that seems to be stuck in moderation that I am anxious to have post - it has now been a week since we both submitted our reviews. I gave the guest 5 starts and I expect their review to be positive as well. I have reached out to customer service, who shared there is nothing they can do to help (Which was VERY frustrating to say the least). This is especially irritating as my prior guest left a bad review which was very unfounded (they referenced things like cat urine smell when we've never had a cat at the house, and the worst remodel of a shower they've ever seen, which didn't even make sense) and that review made it through moderation in hours. Releasing the new review is especially important as I don't have very many reviews on VRBO, so the negative one has a big impact and I would like to counteract it with a positive one. Is there anything that can be done? It seems if VRBO feels the need to review reviews, they should have a much shorter window of time to complete the process