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    Marketplace feed.. your competitor.. how's that possible? (average rate)

    u0999 Premier Contributor

      rarely do I look at marketplace feed. But this caught my eye. Notice my "competition with supposedly AVERAGE rate of $137. So naturally I do look.

      Capture 1.PNG


      and here are their rates.

      Capture 2.PNG


      I paged through the end of year and I have not found ONE night with the rate $137, let alone below (to make up for $137 "average"). Moreover, their Christmas rates are $200 per night higher than mine. So how come my average rate is $170 (which sound plausible) but theirs is $137?

      I am no math genius but with rates ranging from $195 (lowest I could find) to $539 how come average rate is $137. Is this some sor of alternative math?


      No wonder my property gets no bookings.. coz everyone is probably looking at properties with unbelievably low "average rates"... no the realistic ones