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    HA, please! Remove "preapprove" as default option on app.

    u0999 Premier Contributor

      I have given this feedback before.

      There is absolutely 0 advantage for the owner to "preapprove" anyone. It does nothing in practical terms.


      But the more annoying part is that "preapprove" is a default option when you use the app and it is very hard to avoid it. This is the reason I practically STOPPED using the app.

      Often a potential guest emails just to ask a question, such as" will you make an exception for my pet?" ( I am no-pet). So I reply "sorry, NO" while at the same time HA app defaults to "preapproval". This looks unprofessional and confusing to a user.


      Can you please make simple REPLY a default? we do not NEED to preapprove every guest. They saw the quote, they will book if they choose to.