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    Watch out for this phone #. IT'S A SCAM 760-705-8888

    sophie Senior Contributor

      This person is calling numerous owners/managers with the phone # of 760-705-8888. It is a scam. They tell you they sent an inquiry a few days ago and want to know why you didn't respond.  They are then asking for your email. Don't give it to them.

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          anja Senior Contributor

          I thank you sophie.  In my opinion, although Moderators might disagree,  before the tel # is deleted from forum view...to protect someone's identity...I wouldn't  bother.  These callers do not deserve "protecting"...they need exposure!  It's not a legit # by a legit caller making a legit request.  I looked it up and there are a lot of people online complaining, as per sophie's warning. It's a scam and the kind of thing that, IMO, we should be warned about here. It seems that calls coming from that number are users of new call feature on Gmail and Google Talk. The scammers are using different "requests" to get people to reveal - whatever. It's not only directed to property owners....from what I was able to find on the Internet in a nano second of searching the tel #. So, deleting that tel # from this forum, IMO, helps the scammers to further the scam.  Let's expose these guys.

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            iopbeachhouse Community All-Star

            Thank you so much for posting this and saving me from a lot of trouble! I received a call from this number today. The man had a thick middle eastern accent. He insisted that his wife had sent an inquiry several weeks ago and I had never responded. He wanted my e-mail address. I told him he didn't need it. He should go back and resubmit his inquiry and I would respond. He got almost rude about it saying he knew that wouldn't work. I could hear a lot of other conversations in the back ground as if this were some sort of call center. With all the trouble with scams and phishing, I am now highly suspicious. I told him I would have to call him back later since I was in the car and it was hard to hear (the truth by the way!). He very quickly hung up and never even gave me his name. I googled the number when I got home and found a great variety of reports on this number and scams. He uses whatever story goes with the number he has found and then tries to get your e-mail. Once he has it, he sends you a malicious program that will allow him to take over your computer! DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS!

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              gabriel Active Contributor

              I just got spammed by 760-705-8888. A foreigner, perhaps Asian accent, just called me that his mother Laura has sent two requests and I had not responded. I insisted that I respond to all inquiries.


              He proceeded to request my email address to send the inquiry and I told him to do it via Homeaway, he did not want to use Homeaway because his email is probably blocked.


              He gave me his email stevewilliamz88@gmail.com and his mom's cel phone (201) 458-0702. This last one is not a cel phone number, but a landline in New Jersey. When I confronted him with this information he asked another person in the office "is mom's number (201)..." "Yes".


              I threatened to call the police but he did was not bothered by this and insisted in renting my home in “July or August” (I would have been so mad with this threat that I would have hung up).


              I finally confronted him as a spammer and that I did not want anything to do with him.

              What is the scam? I will never know, but all homeowners must be aware of this risk.


              Thanks Sophie for listing the number, thanks to you I was able to prevent falling into this trap!!!

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                New Member

                Just got a call from him tonight same accent, same situation about an inquiry not being responded to. i posted another thread, not realizing all this info was here. it is great that we can try to protect each other! I immediatley blocked his number on my phone.

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                  ppv1 Contributor

                  Got the same call last night.  Same claims from a man with a middle eastern accent, very noisy background.  Said he wanted to rent my home for a month.

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                    New Member

                    They are now using a new phone number:  815-669-8397.  I just got one of these calls tonight while driving home from work and was confused as to why this guy with a middle eastern accent kept insisting to get my email address because his mother had sent a VRBO request "5 or 6 times" over the past several days and never got a response.  He couldn't tell me the dates she was interested in and got frustrated when I kept asking him for hem.   I gave him my alternate email address that is not associated with VRBO since there would be less risk of identity theft or hacking with it.  Got home and checked the community to see if this had come up before and, sure enough!  Now I know what to do if I do get an email at my alternate email address -- delete without ever clicking on it!

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                        Active Contributor

                        Do let us know if the caller followed it up with a phishing email. That will be a confirmed modus operandi. I laugh when I hear they never get a reply. This door is closing on them. Their email address (and perhaps IP) is being blocked.


                        To Owners, please report the email address and IP (learn how to display the Extended Header of an email - google it) to HA Support whenever you are contacted by a suspected scammer so they can be entered in the "Blocked Inquiry" lisitng. The IP is also important because it is easy for them to create a new email address, but they would most likely have the same IP). 

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                        This is helpful but, today I got this inquiry;


                        Traveler Comment: Dear sir/maddem: My name is andrew,I was interested in a yearly lease.Would you consider this?We have lived on Amelia Island,fl.,for seven years.I'm a 100%disabled vietnam veteran along with my wife and mother in law have over 5000.00 net income a month.We are originally from marlboro,ma. I am 65 years of age and I and feeling that perhapes I'm in the 9th inning.I guess thats alwright as long as It's not the bottom of the 9th.As in price you can deside this.thankyou


                        So, whats up with this?

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                            gabriel Active Contributor

                            Hi Whosails,


                            I would put that email in the 95% Scam probability. Who gives a confession on their first encounter? Bragging about their income and stating how innocent and fragile they are?  Hummm..


                            My guess is that if you respond with any rate, they will respond agreeing to the price and offering to send you a check, then the check will arrive with additional funds, and they will ask a refund of the excess minus your expenses, you will send the refund of the excess and a month later your bank will refuse the check because it was forged. You are out of your money and with bank charges.


                            Stay away from this one, my friend, you do not need any aggravations.