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    private reviews

    barefoot711 Contributor

      I used to be able to request a review from travelers, has that been done away with?

      It seems that only VRBO guest can leave a review

      Am I correct?

      If not how do I do it?

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          ha-moderator-meriah HomeAway Employee

          barefoot711 Hello, we have been updating and making changes to our site. Here is a link on our two-way review system and how it works. How does the HomeAway review system work? | HomeAway Help

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            linky17 Active Contributor

            Unsure what you mean by "private" reviews versus, for instance, a review that is posted by a *registered traveler/Guest via the Vrbo/HA platform?  (*Understandable.)  Maybe: a 'Guest Book' entry?


            Here are two recent threads on this same subject.  Spoiler!  Neither is conclusive:


            Expedia booked guests cannot review and don't count toward Ranking Metrics


            Leave reviews. Get reviews.


            But Owner feedback is enlightening + plentiful.  Each thread is still active.


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                1500main Contributor

                "private" reviews as in: from bookings that were done DIRECT (not through VRBO/HA) or perhaps from another platform.


                greggt answered this correctly as I have also noticed that my ability to request a review from OUTSIDE this platform is now gone.

                I had the "olde" dashboard and the "Request a Review" button was there until a few weeks ago but it had disappeared for a lot of people earlier than that.


                You can no longer "Request a Review" from a Guest that did NOT book through the VRBO/HA platform.


                As an aside, I should point out that eBay used to allow ANYONE to leave ANYONE else a review and this got abused, sometimes with very funny results, other times it just resulted in a Seller who had LOTS of friends (or fake accounts) inflate their online reviews to appear amazing despite most of the "real" reviews being negative.

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                db.meyer Senior Contributor

                Do you have a Google My Business account set up on Google Maps for your VR?  If so, that is a great place to have your non-Vrbo, direct guests leave reviews.  The more reviews, the higher you will show up both in Google Search and on the Map.  You can include a link to your website, and if you don't yet have a website, you can set up a simple site on Google My Business for direct bookings.  Google loves reviews!