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    Instant Book Creating Two Records/Reservations

    bonesxxx Active Contributor

      Anyone else using IB notice an increase in double reservations?


      I now have 3 of them.


      Here is what causes it: the guest sends and inquiry asking <insert question here> and, after I send them the answer along with approval and a quote, they use Instant Book.


      From the guest perspective, I don't think they see any difference. But it causes headaches downstream for both of us.


      For one, I need to manage two separate threads and reservations -- one that lingers as an inquiry and the booking itself.  I need to keep the inquiry as that's where the dialogue lives (i.e. 'yes you may bring your dog if..., etc').  I'm also wondering if there is an issue during/after the stay if I'll have trouble getting C.S. to recognize that the inquiry and the booking are the same person?


      And from the guest perspective, they inevitably get reminders from Vrbo/HA that they missed a payment and misc offers telling them that someone else (them) booked their dates and offering them other alternatives.  Then I get notes from the guest asking me why they are getting failure to pay notices and checking if everything is OK.  It's more of a pain for me than I need and obviously creates confusion for the guest who doesn't know what they did wrong.


      To the moderators: Can you put this in the suggestion queue? IB needs to be a little more intelligent either by knowing that the inquiry and the booking are one and the same OR by being hidden once a guest sends an inquiry.

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          wildiris Active Contributor

          For me, Vrbo's templates come with too many problems.  When I receive an inquiry, I never use a Vrbo template to respond.  I click on "Send a custom reply" and thank the traveler for his interest, tell him that the dates he is inquiring about are currently available, and answer the traveler's questions.  If he asks about the charges (even though he can get a quote on my listing), I type this information into the body of my response.  I never "pre-approve" an inquiry because it blocks my calendar for three days.  I wasn't aware that pre-approving an inquiry could also result in a double-booking.  It's another reason not to "pre-approve."

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            twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

            I try to only respond through my own e-mail as this avoids any pre-approvals, etc. Then when they want to book it isn't an issue. The response you make through your own e-mail is also tracked on the vrbo site.

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                ohst8er Premier Contributor

                What twobit said, and to add to that, I never ever ever send pre-approvals, for a number of reason.  The only time I make an exception is IF I need to edit a quote, and ONLY once I know 100% for certain the guest wants to book, is ready to book, is sitting at their laptop READY to book, AND knows I’m sending them a pre-approval with an adjusted quote.  PERIOD.  Too many potential headaches otherwise.

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                margaret CommunityAmbassador

                bonesxxx  When you respond to an inquiry use the Reply with a Quote option do not use Reply and Pre-approve. I am not quite sure how an inquiry is causing payment requests or a reservation to be created but using the pre-approval option is not necessary. When you reply with a quote the guest can click on Pay Now and book the dates without creating a new thread. I never use the pre-approve option.

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                  linky17 Active Contributor

                  It's worth noting, too, that when replying via the phone app > that reply will automatically revert to "pre-approve," whether you want it to or not.


                  'This' came to the surface in a very recent thread; I'll see if I can find it.

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                    green_mango Active Contributor

                    #1 Don't use the pre-approval function.


                    #2 Even if you pre-approve, it shouldn't create two reservations - it does seem like it'd be easy enough for VRBO to recognize that the same group who sent an inquiry has just booked, so they can stop sending payment reminders etc., so hopefully they'll act on that feedback.   It's weird though that they would get payment reminders for a pre-approval and suggestions for alternative accommodations -definitely a disconnect there in the software and very confusing to owners and guests.