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    How do you get signed RAs through BDC?

    bonesxxx Active Contributor

      Hi all,


      Hate to hijack Vrbo's community for this question but, let's face it, y'all are the best.


      For those of you who use BDC, I am new with them.  I have to admit I'm not a fan of the owner extranet or really any of it so far.


      That said, I picked up three bookings pretty quickly and need to get RAs in place.  BDC does not provide me with the guest e-mail (it provides me with a BCD e-mail like "smith.44569@guest.booking.com" which I suspect gets translated into their messaging system?) and a phone number. 


      I use SignNow for my RAs and invitations to sign are sent using e-mail.  Do I use the weird one BDC provides? Or do I need to call the guest to ask for their personal e-mail?


      How are y'all handling RAs with BDC guests? Am I missing something?


      I didn't think a platform could be worse than ABB... but this one seems to be.