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    Untruthful guest re occupancy and left late

    sward6880 Contributor

      Sone advice from you guys please. 


      In summary.   


      1. Five bed home sleeps max 10

      2.  Last minute 2 night reservation from a guest ( Airbnb) who had two exemplary five star reviews.   Instant booking.

      3.  Guest said it was just him staying at the home as he was visiting family. Drove up from South Florida to Orlando

      4. Home has a clearly visible security camera which covers the driveway

      5.  Housekeepers arrived 15 minutes after checkout time.     Guests cars (2) on the driveway

      6.  Housekeeping altered the management company who called the house

      7.  Whoever answered the phone was awoken by the call.

      8.   Whoever answered the phone was told to arise, gather his stuff and leave immediately.  He was not amused apparently......

      9.   I was alerted

      10.  I checked the security camera and over a period of 20 minutes counted 10 people.   There may have been more.   Camera took still photos which are time stamped

      11.  Guests eventually drove away at 11.10.   So over an hour after checkout time

      12.  All bedding and every single towel had been used.   And enough trash to fill two of the outside cans.  But no damage.   Same position as if a large family had stayed there. 


      Clearly the guest will know that I know ......


      So bearing in mind that we have proof that house rules were breached and that the guest was untruthful.   But no damage to the home. 


      Do I :


      a) claim his entire security deposit ($250) and see if he argues and / or

      b) Post a one star review about the guest and warn off other hosts ...  but risk ( given he must know that I know) a vengeful review which may cause us damage and may be hard to have removed

      c) Do nothing as other than causing housekeeping extra work ( cleaning fee is fixed per clean) I have suffered no financial damage to speak of

      e) Do something else ...... ( thoughts please !)


      I suspect ( but cannot prove) a party .....  guest knew what he was doing as kept the front door open as if he closed it, then the entry code would not have worked from 10.01 onwards.