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    arizona tax

    sfisher77 New Member

      Im very confused by this new tax business in Arizona.  I only use VRBO, I dont rent out my place

      by myself.  Do I even need a TPT license?  If so do I still fill out the paperwork with the state?  How do I know that

      VRBO has paid taxes on my behalf?

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          ha-moderator-amanda HomeAway Employee

          Hi sfisher77, we understand why you are confused. We suggest confirming the requirements with the Arizona Department of Revenue, but the paperwork would need to be completed with the state. To confirm if we are collecting and remitting on your behalf, please view the Tax Settings in your dashboard. To identify bookings where taxes were collected and remitted by HomeAway, you can download a payment report for reference purposes. These articles may help clear some confusion: What is Lodging Tax? | HomeAway Help and What Stay Taxes/Lodging Taxes does HomeAway collect and remit? | HomeAway Help.

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            green_mango Active Contributor

            sfisher77 I'm not in Arizona, but in both locations where I rent the owner is responsible for getting the necessary documents - could be business license, short term rental permit, transient occupancy tax license etc...  just depends - best to ask your county for the information - VRBO is just a listing site - you are the one "renting out" your place, so you are responsible for following local rules and regulations.

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              hickmanhideaway Contributor

              I live in Arizona. Yes you do need a license. You then need to file your tax return monthly, but you don't pay the taxes, VRBO does. You can call and ask the state how to fill out your form online. And we don't know that VRBO is paying OUR taxes. But by filing we are doing our end.