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    Tax Rates

    ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

      Vrbo, my State requires that I be transparent about the taxes that I am charging my guests, and that those taxes be detailed in my rental agreement.  I would like Vrbo to provide a way for me to show the three taxes that I have to charge:  State, County and Municipality.  Having only one setting in the rates editor is not transparent to the guest, and leads to issues for owners in states where Vrbo is collecting only the State mandated taxes and excluding other required taxes from the quote.



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          ha-moderator-meriah HomeAway Employee

          Hello Ashevillelookout. I agree with your request and we are working on it. Until the site is able to provide additional tax lines.I suggest putting this information in your house rules or even on your listing description page, this will provide notice for your travelers as well.

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              fredej00 New Member

              We are now having this issue in VA .  Starting in July 2019 Vrbo/HA have been collecting and sending the state assessed taxes (New VA law). The city and county taxes must still be collected and remitted by the owner.  The issue is that the website no longer gives the owner a way to collect the taxes or identify them correctly through the website to the renter.  VA and many other states homeowners are in quite a pickle at the moment.  It leaves us footing the bill for 7.3% in taxes.  I may make a note in the Description or House Rules to let the owner know that we are paying the taxes for them, but I am not sure that is making the taxes transparent to the guest as the law requires.  We here in VA are all trying to figure out what to do to work around the problem now created by the missing functionality/bug with the Vrbo/HA website software. 


              The same issue is also being discussed in other threads on this site and in other places.