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    Perplexed by "BOOST"!

    shiplap Active Contributor

      I have heard Sooo many things about why or why not an owner can boost their property:  You already have to be high in ranking; only so many people can boost; etc, etc.  I tried to boost every single day in June and I was unable to do so.  It's like accumulating airline points for a free trip but not being able to use them.  Who is "boost" really available to?  

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          feibus Senior Contributor

          KNowing that we're heading into the weekend when you end up with overseas support... have you called CS to ask them to look at what you're doing?  Could be a reasonable explanation, could be a bug, could be something else.  If you get an answer that makes no sense, escalate and notify one of the ModSquad™ to monitor the escalation for you.

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            ohst8er Premier Contributor

            Who is boost readily available to?  Me.  I've boosted every single available date from now till December 30th to the 1-5 position.


            Now here's the caveats....


            By the time boost rolled out, all my prime weeks were booked. 


            Had boost rolled out before they booked I would be unable to tell you if it made a difference, because we are year 6 of 6 of having ALL our prime season weeks booked.


            Almost NONE of my mid August-December dates are booked, even though I've boosted them ALL.


            If boost did not exist, I'd still be sitting with almost NONE of my mid August-December dates booked, because they just don't book this early out.


            What is your takeaway from this assessment?  Your guess is as good as mine. 

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              ponokai Contributor

              I replied but don't see my reply. Does our communications need to be screened 1st and then if the post meets the community guideline the reply will be posted?

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                ponokai Contributor

                I guess I did something wrong when I tried to post my reply to the "Boost" issue.


                When Boost 1st came out, I Boosted several dates without any issue. Last week I tried to Boost some dates in August but the system would not accept my request. I called CS and was told some crazy story that the system needs other owners to request the same dates so the system can determine the rank position and amount of boost points needed. It didn't sound correct to me.


                I just tried to Boost the same dates in August and I had no problem. Maybe the problem has been fixed.