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    eRentalLock - Horrible Lock performance - Horrible company support

    rjstroebel Contributor

      This is an FYI to all,


      I've been operating 2 of my own VR properties in sunny San Diego MODERATE CLIMATE the last 6 years and decided to go with a remote lock system 2.5 years ago.

      I went with eRentalLock.com product. Purchased 3 at $329.00 ea.

      After just 28 months...., 1 of the locks is failing.

      PROBLEM: At no pattern of day or date a long term code will stop functioning and then function again the next day, ten repeats again. 

      I contacted eRentalLock support  ( They do NOT have a 800 number or ANY number for that matter). ONLY EMAIL CONTACT...(Red flag #1)

      The email response I received was

      "It’s the keypad problem. The dirty contactor keypad can’t accept the pressed number well. "



      I was given instructions to remove the lock AND TAKE IT APART exposing the circuit board and "Clean the contacts with a white sheet of paper".

      After having disassembled the lock down to the motherboard and performing the steps, I did NOT resolve the problem

      I contacted erentalLock support again... EMAIL ONLY.... and I was then informed;

      " Then most likely it’s the inside electronic board problem. You just need to order the BE365 Upgrade Kit (please check out http://erentallock.com/3306.html to find it on the bottom) to replace the inside electronic board to fix the problem. If you want to order, for your repair purpose we offer 50% discount.

      Please let’s know if you want to order. If yes, we’ll send you the Paypal invoice to offer the discount for you."

      After purchasing (3) of these locks already and 1 failing only 2.4 years I have to PURCHASE...... some sort of "UPGRADE KIT"  ( RED FLAG #2)

      So, it is my personal experience that I would NOT purchase these locks again, or do business with this company ever again.

      This has been MY experience, and if you are considering purchasing a VR Lock you may want to consider my experience,