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    IPMs and HASC - Was anyone else forced in to HASC yesterday?

    ashleyriverridge New Member

      We are IPM (Escapia) and use the GLAD autoresponder which (ironically) does not play nicely with HomeAway Secure Communications so we were advised to have it turned off. We did so well over a year ago and set all our templates accordingly and were going along fine until yesterday when we were forced back in to HASC (with no notice might I add). We contacted GLAD and they were just as shocked and frustrated as we are. We are working on redoing all of our templates but they are incredibly limited now, practically worthless.


      I'm wondering if anyone else is going through the same issue and how you are handling it. It seems like using GLAD isn't even valuable any longer, especially since for the moment response rate and response time are no longer ranking factors (but we all know that can and will change). This change, while not surprising, is incredibly frustrating. Particularly because GLAD is so unprepared (possibly due to lack of awareness) so the templates are changing on the fly. Literally, we woke up this morning to find a new template in our account. This whole change is terribly uncoordinated and we are being drug along for the bumpy ride it seems. Anyways, end rant, any advice or options would be appreciated. Commiseration is also welcome.