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    Can someone explain why there are two different numbers?

    koko Active Contributor

      I have noticed since my renewal and paying the $500 my stream of inquiries and bookings via VRBO has all but stopped.

      After 20 years a curious thing and so I checked to see if there was anything I was missing, called customer service and was told no, you're just fine move some pictures around (Ha?)

      I then looked at the metrics forms only to discover that I was punished for not accepting bookings which I had been told would NOT affect my metrics, since one was a double booking and mistake of the system and the other one a new booking of a guest who had already booked and she was frankly too stupid to correct the mistake so Customer service helped her.

      So this is what I was left with: a rating of 86% in the acceptance column.

      Now the PP sheet tells me otherwise: there it is  80%. In wonder why, could it be because the 86% would be sufficient to be a PP?


      ranking metrics.JPG

      premier partner.jpg.JPG

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          floridarob Active Contributor

          Because one number is the calculation for the last 365 days. The other is the calculation for May 1, 2018 to today, which means that it is counting data for about 11 months. Put another way, the PP card is not counting any data from between now and May 1st 2019, or about one full month.


          The Premier Partner card uses May 1st because that is when the next evaluation for qualification occurs, as HomeAway moves to a consistent, regular qualification period four times a year.


          I have a number of my reviews from last year, which were obtained in April when I went on a crusade to rack some up from guests over the past year who previously hadn't left a review, and they will all fall off of my PP score card come May 1st, so I have been paying attention to this important distinction. If you bring in reviews in clusters, which I have done, it can be an issue with your PP qualification.