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    PPI and Reservation Manager errors

    evansbnc New Member

      Are any other owners who link PPI to ResvManager having issues with guests trying to pay online via ResvMgr only to get processing errors and denied transactions?  I have to process manually through PPI Business View virtual terminal and get no errors.


      This same issue happened at the end of 2011 and HA eventually fixed it. Now it is appearing again during a busy reservation season for summer rentals.  I contacted HA support and it seemed like the first they have heard about it.


      Brent Evans

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          Hi Brent. We are not seeing issues in PPI integration generally. But we'll definitely check it out right away, thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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            mike Contributor

            Hey Brent,


            Whats up buddy! How are things in TN?


            Quick thought, are you set up with AMEX through PPI? If not your guest may be attempting to pay with AMEX and receiving an error. We expereinced this with PPI earlier and the error message the guest was seeing wasnt clearly stating the error was due to AMEX not being accepted. AMEX was also appearing as an accepted form of payment when in fact it was not. Hopefully that whats happening here.


            Good Luck, KIT


            Mike Cushing


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              Can you share a bit more about what HomeAway found that was problematic?  Every one of my payments has failed since the transition to this new "whiz-bang" reservation manager.  Customers are frustrated, I'm frustrated, and I'm paying more using PayPal.  HomeAway says the problem isn't on their end, and PPI says the problem isn't on their end either.  What gives?

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                Patrick~ Just for the record~I again was unable to process a refund on a reservation paid in January through RM and was told my HA Customer Service that it is because my merchant account is PPI (PayPRos) and that I would have to go directly to the virtual terminal for PayPros to perform this transaction.


                Now I have processed a number of security deposit refunds through RM since that last time I had this problem without any trouble at all, so I don't accept the story that Customer Service is giving me about  the reason for the problem is that my merchant account is with PayPros.


                The Product Support Team, by the way, nor anyone else, never did get back to me about this issue previously, so I am letting you know that this problem has shown up again and once again I got the same story when I called Customer Service.





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                  Well Patrick, after several months of continual problems with PPI / Paypros, I have decided to give them the boot.  Theirs is among the worst customer service I have ever experienced.  They don't return phone calls, and the seemingly simple task of "upgrading" my account to their "Business View" platform is apparently beyond their comprehension.  Not surprisingly, after faxing them the account closure request, they claim that they tried to call me, but the number they had was incorrect (they never called either number I provided).  Further, they claim I need to contact "Network One" to close my account.  Who the heck is Network One?  As far as I know, I don't have any business relationship with Network One. They seem to be anything but "pros".