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    Some Guests -- What?

    ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

      Warning - Rant.


      I have a small cabin, sleeps 4.  In the winter months, I charge an extra fee for the hot tub on the deck because people leave the cover off and my electric bills go sky-high as the thing struggles to maintain a 103 degree temperature when it is 35 degrees outside.


      Most recent guest:  Claimed to have read my advertising and my contract.  Totally missed all 4 places where the hot tub fee was disclosed.  Arrived and was PO'd that it was not ready for his use.  Okay, send maintenance to start it up (it was ready to go, just flip the switch and wait for heat) and explain that due to the misunderstanding and the fact that I neglected to inquire if he was going to use the hot tub (need a happy guest) I would waive the fee.


      2 days go by.  Call from the guest that the heat in the cabin is out and his family is freezing.  Gas log fireplace stove also stopped working. 


      The gas log ceramic stove in the living room can be a primary source of heat, is on a wall thermostat and when turned on, will heat the cabin up to 90 degrees in about 20 minutes if you set it that hot.  Why is it not working?  Oh, the guest fiddled with the controls on the unit instead of just adjusting the wall thermostat (which is labeled and also detailed in the welcome package) and ….. and ……for some reason, he TURNED OFF the stopcock on the gas line!  That involved crawling on the floor and reaching waaaaaaaay under the unit.  What?  Handyman gets it working, have a good last evening, folks.


      We arrive to spend a week at the cabin and get it ready for the spring season.  What else did we discover?

      According to the guest book, mom, dad and their three boys (5 people) enjoyed a cabin that has a maximum occupancy of 4 persons.  So not only does the last guest not read that the hot tub has a winter fee, but he also can't read that the maximum occupancy is 4 persons....


      In the driveway, mere feet from the cabin, someone has built a campfire.  In two places.  Was there something wrong with the obvious rock encircled fire pit safely in the middle of the yard?  Nice.  Let's burn down the cabin and the forest. 


      Some people.  Done ranting. 

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          feibus Senior Contributor

          Upcoming review: "We had a great time, just wished the owner would add another bathroom."

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            wildiris Senior Contributor

            We all empathize with you!

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              hmmmm Senior Contributor

              Its not you its them.

              While 95% of all guests are terrific, respectful, responsible and take care, there are some who are not.

              You got one.  These guests, never read, don't care, are arrogant, blame, lie and make up their own rules in life.


              Thank goodness, they are few and far between.


              So, on your contract, have them initial areas, such as hot tub info, occupancy info, parking, fires, and what ever you know that they will pull on you.

              (Highlight the initialing line)


              And feel free if you cannot greet them, to call them when they arrive to go over the info again.


              Remember bad tenants are teaching you how to craft your agreements and your info binder and notes in the home.


              I have agreements based on 30 years of vacationers teaching me what I should have said to them.


              Good luck, you will only have these kinds of guests rarely.

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                  myrtlebeachgirl Contributor

                  Very well said.  Most of our renters are good and have no problem.  But then you get the ones that think it is their home and do whatever they want.  We have had a broke toilet to the point that all the water drained out on the floor but not their fault, Someone went into our locked housekeeping closet by taking the hinge pins off, we now have crimp proof hinges on all doors, someone took apart our kitchen drain pipes and did not tighten them so my cabinet was soaked, we now have liners in all cabinets to catch water.  I go through 30+ wash cloths/towels/bath towels a year for stains.  People have taken my boxes of dishwasher detergent so now I mark everything with our unit so when they use it at home hopefully they feel bad.  But the one that gets me is they take my white hangers or they replace with their blue ones.  Cheap Walmart or dollar store hangers.  Haha  Before I owned a rental I would have never thought to do any of this stuff.  But we've been lucky.  There are horror stories out there you hear about.  The Snowbirds are the worse for me cuz my opinion they are in the unit probably 95% of the time compared to shorter term people who are mostly at the beach, go out to dinner and in the unit at night. As they break or ruin someone it's a learning experience for me and I think of a solution for next time.  I also have a Dymo maker with notes I put all over the unit.  And they put the stupidest things in our garbage disposal and it stops working.  I also have a Dymo maker note how to fix it.  Haha

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                  scowol Active Contributor

                  Like most properties in my marketplace, heating the swimming pool is extra.  That's because not all guests want to use the pool, and thus they would be paying a fee that they won't use.  I only charge during the months that heating is required if they want to swim.   OK, now with that background, I occasionally have a guest who says "Oh, we are experienced VRBOer's and we won't need heating because the last place we stayed in (insert name of a place on another continent) the pool wasn't heated and it was plenty warm."  I respond to tell them how nice that must have been for when they stayed at (insert name of other continent or planet), but this pool during April will be cold during their stay unless it's heated.


                  These "know it all guests" are the WORST because they are being set up for complete, utter disappointment for their vacation.  EVERY TIME.  When this happens, they jump into the pool the first day, fly out, and call us in seconds to "complain" that the pool is too cold for their kids and they are disappointed.  Shock and awe.


                  So now a week before check-in, along with all the other pre-welcome info, I also remind them that they did not elect to have the pool heated.  If they want to change their mind, to let us know immediately so we can have it pre-heated.  If not, we also tell them that it will take up to 2 days to pre-heat a cold pool.

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                    psphoto Active Contributor

                    My favorite guests are the ones that seem to "save up" the complaints until they've left....hoping for a refund or discount of their stay.

                    I politely tell them how we could have responded quickly if "only we'd known" about the issues when they first encountered them.

                    We usually don't hear from them again after that....and they rarely leave a review !

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                        myrtlebeachgirl Contributor

                        I agree.  If it was such a problem they should have notified you.  But they can hurt the owners more in those reviews.

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                          hmmmm Senior Contributor

                          When I greet them, I give a quick over view and intro to the neighborhood restaurants etc.


                          Then I let know how to get ahold of me in an emergency.


                          Last statement is to remind them if anything needs my attention, please let me know and not to suffer in silence as we want their stay to be enjoyable.



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                              psphoto Active Contributor

                              I can't greet guests, but in our agreement it clearly states what to do if any problems are encountered....but so few people read

                              these days......

                              Our phone numbers and emails are everywhere, so there really is no excuse to not let us know since they're perfectly capable

                              of letting us know of problems AFTER their stay!

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                            myrtlebeachgirl Contributor

                            I tell my renters in 3 different places before they get to my unit to report any concerns and also 2 times as they check-in.  I agree there is no excuse to give a bad review when the owners were not contacted about the problem.  Renters, Gotta love em.