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    How does 1 plus 1 plus 1 plus 2 plus 3 equal 1 and then suddenly equal 13?

    twomoreyears Senior Contributor

      OK, here's a ranking conundrum.  For months we were ranked #1 in our market. (Not a big market)  We had "1" in all the metrics except bookings (# 2) and reviews (# 3). 

      Suddenly, about 3 weeks ago, our rank dropped from #1 to #13.  Metrics didn't change.  Bookings actually picked up.

      Did anyone else see a shift in their rankings a few weeks ago?  I've heard "Boost" is out, but it does not seem to be active in our area yet. Besides, I didn't think Boost changed the ranking, just the search position for a specific time frame.

      The only thing I can think of is price.  When I incognito search my market (not my neighborhood, but that's another story most of us are unfortunately familiar with), there are a number of homes shown before ours that are cheaper.  But, they aren't in the prime location we are in  (most of them are a 90-minute drive away), and they are far less spacious and luxurious.  I have been aggressive, too, about raising prices, particularly in high season. I just opened high season for next year, and bumped prices up another 5% over this past year.

      Maybe the algorithm just got adjusted to weight "competitive pricing" more than it did before or they changed the definition of "competitive".  They used to say that competitive meant "as long as you are getting booked your price is competitive", but maybe that isn't the case any more.  I know our price is one of the highest on a per-person basis (if not the highest), but we have the 2nd highest number of bookings on VRBO/Homeaway on the island so we must be doing something right.

      Oh, well.  The proof is in the bookings, not the ranking.  But I thought I'd pass this tidbit along for those of you, like me, that wonder about the ranking algorithms.