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    How do I handle this claim ?

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      We take out the $59 policy with each rental covering us for $5000 in accidental damage.  Our cleaning service informed us that the DIRECTV cable box is missing from one of the rooms.  We called the guest and they told us the TV never worked and they would never steal the box and in just how professional that guest was and how clean they left our  home, I believe them..  The cleaning service swears they seen the box but did they really?  The prior guests we still could not get in touch with them to see if they noticed the box was missing.  How do I now handle this claim?  Do I just eat it and get the new  box for $250?  When putting in a claim, they call the guest to get their side of the story.  I don't want to put a claim in not knowing which guest to say was the cause of the missing box.  Any suggestions ?

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          Hi newtome,


          The damage insurance policy that you speak of will not cover theft of a DirectTV box.  Those policies are specifically for accidental damage only.  They do not cover theft or any damage resulting from a direct violation of your house rules or contract (i.e. - pet damage in a non pet friendly home).


          If you cannot find out what happened to the box, then most likely you will have to replace it at your cost.  Seems strange to me though that guests staying in your home would not let you know that the TV wasn't working.  Even stranger is what someone would do with a DirectTV box?  Weird.




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            This may not be possible, but could you try calling Direct TV customer service to see if they have any way of tracking exactly when the box was used last in your home?  For example, if it is a DVR box, it might have been used to record a show and they may have a record of it.   If Direct TV can do it, you will be able to pinpoint which guest was in the house at the time. 


            It's also possible they can locate the box if it's been reconnected to their network somewhere else using the unique ID assigned to all such network devices.  

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                I don't know about Direct TV, but we have DISH in one place and Comcast in another, and all receivers have a  stamped code that must be used to activate service on them. to a specific acct. # & address---- And is controlled by a central station


                Long gone are the days when one could steal service from your neighbor by rigging outside cables to divert service, IF the customer has a service that requires a box..


                You should check to see if you purchased a Service Agreement. If so, It may cover loss, etc.


                I agree that it would be impossible to  charge a guest without documentation that something " went  missing" on a certain date.


                Best of luck! Please let us know  how this turns out!