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    Do we get proof HomeAway paid guest stay tax?

    lljpence Contributor

      It's always something.


      Of the 11% total tax our property rental tax charges, only 7% is being paid by HomeAway. 6% to the state and 1% to the county.  I will need to remit 4% to the county.  So odd to me that it is split in this way.  I would like an understanding of that split. What tax number are they paying it under? I assume it is under their purview as I haven't given them my tax number.  I use MyLodgeTax to pay my taxes.  I get a receipt of payment.  Will we get one from HomeAway every month?  Will we see the withdrawal from our checking account guest by guest or a total once a month? What if I get a booking outside of the HomeAway site, will it confuse things if I pay the entire amount of the tax via MyLodgeTax?  It was so simple and direct before this.