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    Help with Yapstone deposits

    hmmmm Senior Contributor

      I have 6 properties and in late Dec and in January I had lots of future bookings.  So grateful


      I have always used PayPal with a few payments made on Yapstone.


      All of them are now required to be on Yapstone.

      Working on my statements to match my excel speadsheet which matches my email distributions.
      Yapstone is combining payments from different renters into one deposit.

      Its so confusing to me and so much more work.

      Remember 6 different rentals.....


      Any one have any advice.

      I thought with my spead sheet I should be able to just check them off.  But some of the figures match and some do not.


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          feibus Senior Contributor

          Advice: don't rely on Yapstone or HA to provide you with information that will match your accounting system.


          All merchant processors will combine payouts into a single deposit, that's nothing different from anywhere else.  What's frustrating is the inconsistent and sometimes wrong information from HA in their different reports and exports and emails.  So you have to learn to NOT rely on them and to instead work to keep the numbers up to date as they happen.


          The Yapstone direct deposit email is accurate.  That's really what's going to be deposited and the breakdown of who it's from.  The payment download has some accurate information, but if you're in a place where taxes are taken by HA, the information could very well be wrong in a lot of spreadsheet cells.


          I ended up learning to do for myself what the reports could not do for me.  I can now look at a reservation and figure out how much I will have deposited without doing a download of anything.  It took some effort, but now I know where the right numbers are going to come from and which numbers are wrong and need to be ignored.  I laid out some of this here: Re: When do I receive tax money that I must remit?

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              hmmmm Senior Contributor

              Thank you feibus, at least I know the extra work is just not me being ignorant.


              PayPal never combined them, and its so darn easy to access clear, accurate information.

              They also provide the name of the payor, the address and confirm that they all match information.

              I will just keep PayPal for my own site. 


              More work, less feeling of security of the numbers with Yapstone.


              Beating the drum.....that Homeaway will work out something with PayPal to allow us to use them on their site again.