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    Adjustable Refund Policy for Specified Periods

    scowol Active Contributor

      For the past year I've had a "No Refunds" policy (previously I had the HA strict policy of no refunds within 60 days).  When I switched to no refunds, I bit my nails and it turned out that it has had no discernable impact on inquiries and bookings.


      Today I was thinking about the impetus for me to make the switch a year ago was to protect myself from the snowbirds that book a year plus in advance (very common for snowbirds in my marketplace) and then hold my property "hostage" risk free for 10 months, and then cancel 61 days before check-in for a full refund.   That truly occurred several times and left with me with some vacant days that I never recovered (again, this time of year is booked by snowbirds a year in advance because they plan ahead).  I'll still never forget her message to cancel 61 days before check-in that she booked 18 months prior:  "Sorry, need to cancel!  You have a lovely home--I'm sure you will get another guest. Thanks!"


      So while I have a no refunds policy, I am in a way seemingly "punishing" the folks who want to book during the shoulder/low seasons.  So I thought it would be great if HA were to offer an adjustable refund policy that we could set by date(s).


      For example, if they want to book for November, I'll gladly offer a 60 day refund.  However, if, say today, they want to book a stay for the week of July 4th, it's a no refunds policy.  In other words, book when they are serious.


      Perhaps this is just too complicated for HA to program.  If so, I might begin offering a refund again if HA were only to simply add a 90 or 120-day option.