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    Really confused by how rankings work

    kellyk. Contributor

      I am really confused by how my Market Rank is determined.  In all the categories within my control, we are #1. The two categories I can't control, # of Reviews and Review Average, we are in the middle of the pack.  Yet my overall ranking is just above 50% within my market.  We have had 2 guests cancellations that were incorrectly affecting our  Cancellation rate, and even after one fell off and the CS person generously "Waived" the other, we only moved up 3 slots.

      I have also noticed that Potential Bookings comparisons are using properties not in my Comp set, which is apparently also effecting my Market Rank.


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          calicalling Active Contributor

          There are a ton of posts on this. You may want to use the search bar to see what's been said before.


          Short synopsis, however, is don't try to understand. Control what you can control and let the rest go.


          One specific that bears repeating is that just because you're '#1' you may not be the only #1. I know that sounds crazy, but it's not. My properties all share the same comp set and they are all '#1' for many metrics. Yes, that means that for many metrics all 6 of my properties are #1. Who knows how many other properties also share that #1 slot.

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            homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

            Hi kellyk.


            Thanks for reaching out! Have you read the help article about Ranking?  It's very educational and may help clarify some things for you.


            What are Ranking Metrics?

            Also helpful:

            What is my competitive set?

            What is MarketMaker?



            HomeAway Community Manager

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                kellyk. Contributor

                I have read it. It's not helpful.  I know that various factors go into it.  What I don't know is how much weight is placed on each category, and what are the others factors that are not shown on my list that effect it.   I read through the long list of discussions about this, and while everyone is unhappy with it, it still doesn't address my concern, which is why properties with lower marketing ranking show up before me in the search engine, and why even though the numbers on my individual sections have changed, my ranking has not changed since it was initiated.

                I know the properties have lower marketing ranking, because I keep seeing them in the Potential Bookings comparisons, which shows their market ranking.

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                    feibus Senior Contributor

                    They are not ever going to reveal the "secret sauce" behind the rankings, for the same reason Google doesn't reveal their logic behind ordering search results: because they want the flexibility to change the algorithms over time to maximize revenue and they don't want people to "game" the system by changing their listing or paying for reviews or something that's not "legal" but that people did with Google for years until Google decided to shut up about how to get a better search position.

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                      ohst8er Premier Contributor

                      kellyk.  DON'T worry about market ranking.  I know that the big wigs at VRBO might frown on this, but I almost NEVER look at my market ranking.  I mostly put it on ignore.  As far as your comp set vs potential bookings, EVERYONE is your competition.  I'm in Hilton Head and I still compete from time to time, with Florida.  Or NYC.  Or Aunt Sally's guest bedroom.  Your competition is anywhere that your potential guests are looking.  What do you do with that info?  NOTHING.  You can't control the whims of people.  No matter how wonderful your location is, if Aunt Sally offers her guest bedroom for free and she has a pool or is near a theme park, she's gonna win out.   What you CAN control is who you measure yourself up to in your general area, and I only use THAT tool to help make sure my rates are set competitively, and to see how much my area is booking.


                      DO worry about whether you are booking.  ARE you booking?  If the answer is yes, then put market rank on ignore.  If the answer is NO, then post your listing here and let's see if we can help you trouble shoot it so that you DO book.

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                    timthek Active Contributor

                    The ranking system is garbage. You can't control it and trying to do so will result in losing further control of your rental. Can you control cancellations or declines? Sure, but if you need to cancel or decline a guest who is a terrible match for your property, what do you do? Do you take the ranking HIT and cancel/decline or do you put your property at risk? Can you control whether guests leave a review? Nope. All you can do is make your place as nice as possible and hope that guests leave a review and leave a GOOD review. You can't control minimum stay impressions....your minimum stay is what it is for a reason. About the only metric you can control is response rate/time.