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    Catch this quirk..new rates editor

    ohst8er Premier Contributor

      OK, hope I explain this well.  I found a quirk in the new rates editor that even befuddled me.


      I set a 7 night minimum, Sat to Sat check in for peak season.  I always debate with myself when peak season starts..the Saturday before Memorial Day or the Saturday after.


      This year I set it for the Sat before, 7 day min, Sat to Sat.  Last week I got an inquiry for 9 nights starting on a Thursday end of May.  It butt up nicely against my first full June week so I said yes, even though it broke my sat/sat pattern.  May is typically 3-5 day bookings so I was fine with it, took the booking and went about my day.


      A Few days later I thought hmmm... I probably left a mess, those unbooked days prior to this guest checking in are probably still set for 7 night minimums.  They were, so changed them to 3 night minimums.


      thought I was set, but TODAY I noticed that May 27th was grayed out, no check ins, even though my next check in was May 30.  Stumped, I called CS.  Their answer prompted this post.


      IF YOU MAKE A CHANGE, like I did, to accommodate a guest, and that change disrupts your ”rules” of check in check out and minimum stay, make sure that you look at the days that are still open, correct the minimum stay requirements if necessary, but most importantly make sure the “allow check in/allow check out” boxes both say YES.  Mine said no which rendered a bookable window Unbookable.

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          planthealth Active Contributor

          Thanks, I just migrated, finally, one of my 3 VRs. I will make a note of your finding.


          I had my rates set through 29 Feb 2020 before the conversion. But now starting January 2020 my calendar is blocked. Anyone know if there is a setting for this that I have to go somewhere to fix?

          Even if some button states "do not allow bookings more than a year out", we are under that for January 2020.

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            johnz Contributor

            Where are the settings for the check in/out days now? My rates calendar was converted to set rates for multiple properties at the same time, but now I don't see where to set the check in/out day as Saturday in my peak season.


            For booking requirements, I only see the minimum night stay.


            EDIT: I found it now. You need to click, not select, an individual property, then go through the process to set the rate and the fields for check in/out days appear.