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    Monthly installments

    johnhurd New Member

      I have a booked guest who would like to make monthly payments, after her initial deposit. I'm willing to do it for her, but not sure of the best way to go about it.

      The payments would all be through the website. Bill her each month? Or, is there a way for her to just make payments as she wants? (Some people require more effort than I have time for, but...)



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          feibus Senior Contributor

          What you would do is create a series of payment requests for her, each with a different date.  You'd have to warn the guest that these requests are going to generate emails, but she can ignore those until it's the right time to pay them (and reminders will be sent automatically at the right time).  Then delete the payments that were automatically created as part of the reservation to bring the total in line with what you require.  And make sure your last payment is the same number of days from arrival as it would have been otherwise.


          Yes, it's a hassle, but I've done it for guests who are trying to manage their cash flow.  Makes for a happy guest (usually).