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    See owners reviews of guests before accepting reservation

    petek157 New Member

      I just had a reservation request.  When I went to the detail page where is says that the email and phone will be provided after booking, there is also a rating and count of reviews the guest has received. However, you cannot click and go see the review till after you accept the reservation.


      This doesnt make sense to me. sure the phone and email I get, but what the point of showing me the guests reviews AFTER I accept the reservation? I would like to see what Im getting into BEFORE I accept them.


      Thoughts? Am I doing something wrong or looking at this sideways?



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          margaret CommunityAmbassador

          You are not doing anything wrong. The guests review is useless, it is not even a review, it is a rating. There is no opportunity to write any text, all you can do is rate the guest by stars. The fact that the rating cannot be seen prior to booking is also ridiculous.

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            twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

            We all hope that this will be changed one day. It is one thing that would make us accept the reservation that much quicker and would benefit everyone because if they have less than stellar reviews.....guess what....I am cancelling them anyway and taking a hit on my ranking. Does that seem even remotely right? Bad guest, yet I take the hit. Hmmmmm?


            As for giving the rating. I always do in the hopes that one day it will be available immediately to us before accepting the reservation, but even with it as it. I breath easier after the booking if the reviews (or bubble rating as Margaret pointed out) is all good!!!!