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    Can a rate calendar be carried over year to year instead of just defaulting to lowest rate?

    harrytammie Contributor

      I may not be asking this clearly enough. Currently thru "you don't know, what you don't know", future months pop up randomly and without notification on rate calendar and the current daily rate needs to be manually inserted or your lowest daily rate gets put on it. One may not know that until a guest instant books for $159 when a peak daily rate is $319. a year down the road. So, I ask can the current rates somehow be carried over to next year without manually doing it?

      Of course, as many things here I found out the hard way and ****** off a guest after they booked.

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          ohst8er Premier Contributor

          My rates are set till Sept 2020.   I typically like to have them set a little further out than that, even though I never book out that far.  What you CAN DO is set a standard rate that is much HIGHER than you normally book, that way if you get caught napping and someone sends you a far out booking it's for $400 a night, rather than $159 a night. 


          Now, I have a vague recollection that we used to be able to determine how far out we are willing to allow a booking, but I cannot find for the life of me how to do that.  I've clicked on all sorts of places in the owner's dash and also checked the help section.   Erinn?  homeaway_community_manager

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            swlinphx Premier Contributor

            I've asked for seasonal rates to carry over on this forum and many others.  Right now only HomeEscape and Booking.com have that feature (HomeEscape lets you indicate that a seasonal rate is ongoing or carries over when you create or edit it, while Booking.com lets you just choose "copy rates to next year" at any time).


            Now, when you have multiple listings like me each with eight different rate periods on several different websites, that is more tedious than I can explain and always subject to forgetting to update occasionally.  In the old days we just had charges shown in a simple table without the specific years, just the seasons or months of the year.  Then, we could just alter them when and if we change rates, which would be far less for almost anyone who doesn't change their seasonal rates frequently.  Unfortunately I haven't seen any hint that HomeAway plans on including this although it is my #1 requested feature.

            My #2 most wanted feature is a buffer option like AirBnB offers, where you need a day turnaround time and not allow same day turnovers back-to-back.  Again, when you have multiple properties even one same day turnover can be stressful depending on when guests check out, condition of unit, how long my checkout inspection takes (can take hours) then housekeeping to come when I'm done but not too late either (can take hours) then do a final inspection and staging, then check guests in.  I have stopped allowing same day turnovers, but why do we have to manually block the night before and after each reservation.  Make it an optional feature, just like AirBnB does.  It's a no-brainer in my opinion.  Having to manually block the night before a check-in or after a check-out is not only something easy to forget to do but makes glancing at the calendar on some synced sites look weird, because blocks don't show as a different color than actual reservations.  It looks good from within the owner dashboard but otherwise you can't tell them apart.  Would like it to just show as available to the public when glancing at the calendar but have the internal optional setting prevent them from showing as available or being booked.