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    New Rates Editor - Can You Do This?

    ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

      Okay, I bit the bullet and accepted the new rates editor.  Not thrilled so far.


      Here is my question:  I charge an optional fee that is seasonal.  It is charged only during the months of January, February and March and only if the client wants the amenity.  Can the new rates editor show this fee as an optional checkbox (click it if you want it)  during those months? 


      I see an area for other fees, but it does not have any setting for dates.


      Also, for those who have been on the new rates editor, when is the client charged for the refundable damage deposit?  Is it part of payment 2?


      I am VERY confused.

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          homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

          Hi ashevillelookout,


          Optional/seasonal fees are not a part of the new rates editor. Thank you!



          HomeAway Communitiy Manager

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              avr New Member

              Hi, likewise this applies to me - why would I charge the pool heating supplementary fee in July & August but guests don't have the option to remove it and it artificially inflates their quote so I have to give a long rambling explanation that if they accept the quote I can remove it etc, etc and it looks SO UNPROFESSIONAL (not to say suspicious to guests).  Also I note in the quote editor no facility to remove fees either so you can adjust them per quote - THIS IS CRAZY for owners not to be able to edit their own quotes.


              Also I have extra guest fees in the low seasons so the base price for the villa is lower for smaller parties to attract them in the low season times.  Under the old rates editor that WORKED PERFECTLY so why have you removed that really useful function and slapped on fees for all dates regardless - I am seriously thinking of ending my two property subscriptions and moving to another platform where this is still possible


              The new rates editor would be great if these two functions were restored - fees per season/time period and ability to edit quotes