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    VRBO Citrus Bowl Sponsorship Recap

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      Did you tune in to the VRBO Citrus Bowl? What a game! Congratulations to the University of Kentucky Wildcats on their fantastic win against Penn State, 27-24.


      We wanted to share some early stats from the game to give you an idea of how much exposure the VRBO brand received from this sponsorship. This exposure continues to drive traffic to VRBO.com, giving your listings more visibility and, over time, bookings. As part of our analysis, we’ll be tracking bookings that likely originated from this sponsorship.


      • There were just under 60,000 fans in the stadium,1 and 7.709 million viewers tuned in from home.2
      • The VRBO brand was everywhere in the stadium and on camera. This includes the VRBO logos painted on the field, wall wraps, digital ads, and coverings of the tunnels leading on to the field.
      • The sponsorship also included commercial air time, voiceovers from announcers, and the VRBO logo included on TV coverage of the game.
      • The VRBO Citrus Bowl logo was proudly displayed throughout the stadium, on the players’ jerseys, on the Citrus Bowl trophy, and in the backdrops used during the trophy presentation.
      • The #vrbocitrusbowl hashtag and phrase “VRBO Citrus Bowl” reached over 10M people on Twitter.


      Inspiring VRBO partner Molly Caplenor was recognized at the start of the game. Last year, she worked with the residents of her neighborhood, many of whom are also VRBO partners, to find housing for 25 local families displaced by Hurricane Michael. Here’s a great picture of her executing the official coin toss.


      One VRBO employee even got a little more than she bargained for! Melanie Fish, Director of Public Relations, was tackled by University of Kentucky running back Lynn Bowden after he was pushed into the sidelines. Don’t worry–Melanie was fine! Bowden made sure she was okay before getting back in the game, and even found her again after. Here’s a brief news story about it – including a video of the tackle.

      Citrus VRBO13.JPGCitrus VRBO41 (1).JPG


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