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    Payments after staying

    jenjen00 New Member

      I have just had my 2nd guest. All of my 1st guest payment was paid directly after the stay. I didn't know that the 2nd guest was done differently. The guest paid a deposit & then stayed as I thought all payments would have been paid as the 1st one was. As the guest has still not paid the remainder even though I have now sent a request to pay it is unlikely that they will pay. Is there anything else that can be done to try & get the rest of the payment?

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          margaret CommunityAmbassador

          Going forward, check you dashboard to be sure payment has been made when it is due. If the payment is not paid in full do not release access information to the guest until it has been paid. I hope your 2nd guest is honest and will pay what is owed to you.

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            feibus CommunityAmbassador

            The platform is designed to help you collect the money, not enforce collection of the money.  Enforcement of rules for your home is always on the owner.


            You might have to take the guest to court to enforce your rental agreement.  Hopefully you collected ID on check-in.