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    I have officially read the most bizarre review/owner response EVER!

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      Here's the review:  It was a 2 star:


      The house was exactly as pictured! Big and roomy enough for our family of 6 to spread out! It was so nice to have things like bikes, sand toys and boogie boards for the kids to play with. We rented 2 additional bikes as well because we needed trailers for smaller kids but Colleen recommended the Bike Doctor and they did not disappoint. We loved biking to the pools and exploring HHP a bit!

      I enjoyed the space of cooking in a larger kitchen than many vacation rentals have, along with all the utensils and pots and pans anyone could want. The only thing about the kitchen was that the appliances were dated, but they worked perfectly.

      Our only real issue with our rental was the misrepresentation of the lazy river in the photos here on HomeAway. As of 8/28/18, the picture being shown there with the lush greenery and people floating peacefully along, that exact lazy river actually belongs to a Hilton Resort in Florida. We were very confused when we went to the Spring Lake pool and it looked nothing like this. Don’t get me wrong, that pool complex is awesome in and of itself, so we were perplexed! I sent a very nice email to XXXXXX asking if HHP had a second lazy river because the one in the picture did not match reality. I gave her the benefit of the doubt thinking there was another one. When she said there wasn’t, I still gave her the benefit of the doubt thinking maybe she had never seen the lazy river since she doesn’t have little kids. When she told me that she has been there, she explained away why there weren’t blue inner tubes as if that was my complaint and didn’t address the fact that the picture she posted of their communities facilities, in fact belonged in Florida. I was super nice about all of this, thinking she would appreciate being informed of this (in a nice way) but all she said was “interesting” and that picture is still up. We would have still rented with the real picture of their lazy river but I would like to see an honest representation of what is there.

      There were some issues with communication that really soured the experience for me. While I appreciate the vacation my family had while staying there, if we had to do it all over again we would have stayed elsewhere. Some of our emails were taken the wrong way with very unpleasant responses and that really messed up the whole experience. I also feel like every picture on the listing should be accurate and not misleading. 

      I can't disagree with the comments about the lazy river, if what the guest was saying was indeed correct.   In fact, the very reason I even CLICKED on this listing was the photo of the lazy river, I had no idea it existed!  Here's the owner's reply:

      Owner's Response:

      Thirty 5 star reviews and now this 2 star one from an SC family with 4 very young children.

      That’s certainly a peculiar switch from the PA family (XXXX review below) who left that Same Day as well as the later 5 star guests, XXXX and then XXXX all with 5 star experiences

      Was it our house that changed in those few hours between guests?

      Or was it the attitude of the new arrivals?

      After days of next to no civil email responses, I emailed to find out what was happening and received this back:

      “We had a bad evening yesterday with the youngest baby and in fact the whole week with him and our third child has had its difficulties as the baby is teething and had been inconsolable much of the time and the third child woke up on Sunday morning with croup (the day after we arrived) so our whole vacation itinerary had to be adjusted to accommodate these new issues that arose.

      I apologize that I allowed my building frustration and disappointment in this trip not going as planned come across to you as rude or ungrateful because that is not who I am as a person. It has been a very challenging week.

      Thanks for renting to us this week. I hope you received my other email this morning regarding the miscommunication in the email last night and the lack of communication from me this week. I don’t want to leave this bad air between us. It hurts my heart to be misunderstood and unfortunately I did not express myself well last night.”

      Interestingly, in spite of having realized and written me this, she still complains about the Lazy River: the recreation everywhere here is wonderful: should a week's vacation revolve around inner tubes on this Lazy River? (They were provided pool flotation noodles.)

      Kids love it, me too, but quite quickly one wants to retreat to the quiet pool 2 blocks from our house or to our palm and bird surrounded screened porch and yard and let the Splash Pad and Lazy River squeals of delight fade away to peacefulness.

      These folks were certainly too deeply anchored in misery and blaming to redirect their holiday to what it could have been. These were more than Holiday Problems to behave like this.

      Does attempting to lower our property’s 5 star rating, help them feel better about not having organized their family holiday better?

      We provide all we possibly can for guests to celebrate a memorable vacation together and our reviews show that.

      But when people bring their Unhappiness with them, is it possible to lead them to Happiness?

      Such a sad waste.