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    Is it true that owners can no longer request a review from guests?

    droptop Contributor

      A guest checked out on December 30.  I always use the 'request a review' button to send them a personal note after I direct VRBO to refund their security deposit.  If I recall, the button was to the right of the Post Stay heading on their file in the Inbox.  The personal note I send requests that they 'share an experience' of their trip that made it memorable, that perhaps caused them to exclaim, "This is why we came to Maui!"


      I didn't find that button this morning.


      I called Customer Service.  They advised that once VRBO sends out their request-for-review form the owner can't request a review.  I was told this change has occurred because owners were using the dashboard-based request-for-review action to send same to friends and family members, not guests.


      So my understanding is that I can no longer send a request-for-review request myself.  Only VRBO can do that.


      Is this correct?

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          ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

          If the button is gone, use your templates.  I created a personal "request for review" from the default review template that I found in the template list.  That way, I can generate and edit the review request based on what I know about the guest.  I also make sure that the template includes the message "written and sent by [the owner] so that the guest knows that the message requesting a review is from me personally, and is not an automated impersonal request from HA.


          Sure, it is a few more steps to go into the dashboard and the reservation lists, but I think that taking the time to personally request a review is a much better host practice than letting HA take care of it for you.  Most of my guests appreciate the human contact.

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            droptop Contributor

            Hi, all.  It appears the answer to the question is "No."


            The first thing I asked CS was if it were possible that a review had been submitted, hence the link -- and any other access point to requesting a review -- had been rendered inactive as a result.  They assured me that no review had been submitted from the guest.  So we proceeded from there and that's when CS provided the information relayed above; information that was confirmed by their supervisor.


            Ten minutes ago, in response to my personal note, the guest's lovely, personal review came in.


            But Ashvillelookout raises a point many here know well:  Always send a guest a personal request for a review or risk getting impersonal or slightly passive-aggressive, perhaps even pedantic reviews in response, to the VRBO script,  i.e., "The colour of the ocean was bluer than I'd have liked as I prefer a cerulean blue over an azure blue because of the hues, so I gave the owner four stars."  Or, "I found the sun to be hot, but a hot that was less to my liking than the sun in Tuscany, where I was schooled, so that cost the owner two stars."


            My apologies for troubling the group with my experience with a perhaps not fully informed CS representative.  All's well with the "request review" button.  Click away!

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              khs Contributor

              I often go on my dashboard and opt out of many of the HA/VRBO contacts with my guests. Not sure but I think you can opt out of them sending a review request and you can do so yourself. I always prefer to be in contact with my guests over and above HA.


              I did find that the link I've included in my emails following check out no longer works. It was very difficult to find a direct link to provide guests and simplify things for posting a review.. So yes, they have made it more and more difficult to navigate both for us owners and guests.

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                1500main Contributor

                I can still both see the link AND request a review, but ONLY from the original Dashboard Link that I bookmarked last year.

                If I click on the Dashboard icon in the upper left, I get a different page with no Request a Review link.


                Try this experiment:

                If you go to your DASHBOARD, does the link look like this:


                (X are numbers, the middle set is your Property ID #)


                if so, swap out /pxe/feed/

                for this:  /gd/dash/

                and see what shows up.