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    Contract details matter

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      I have a lovely group staying in our home this week. Yesterday afternoon our City issued a "Boil Water Notice" due to a test that came back. ( turned out to be a problem with the testing process). I called my guests right away & informed them of the ban (it was lifted this morning).


      They were instructed not to drink or use the water for consumption, and I let them know where the case of bottled water I keep in the home was located. 


      I apologized BIG time, and thier response was " It's not your fault. And we signed the Hold harmless Clause"



      here's that portions of the clause


      Owner/Agent XXXXXXX  cannot be held responsible for : The failing of any other company due to said company’s error or service interruption {i.e. electricity, water, gas, cable, wireless provider, etc.} and acts of neighbors such as: construction, road repair and maintenance or act of god (weather). However, Owners/Agent agree to do all that is humanly possible to remedy any issue as quickly as possible.



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          Great!   The contract details matter.


          And, for your guests,  I'm sure that  your followup to "the clause" also made a  good impact on them! They know now that you were looking out for them....the quality of their experience in your home was important for you.  It's not just about the formality of having a contract ....it's about our followup, too.


          Your guests appear to be "the ideal":  people who READ, comprehend, recall and respond and react accordingly.  Nice.


          I have a similar text in my agreement that is "hold harmless", as well. It's not a "footnote"...it's on "the main menu" as an important part of "the agreed-to-terms"!   I'm in an earthquake zone...and all the hullaballoo that goes with that, including outages, etc.

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              Anja, yes, I lucked out this time with having ideal renters.  Our Hold Harmless clause is a full part of our contract as well. It outlines everything from what I cut and pasted to our policy for refunds due to issues the guest may have with our home, (no adjustments/refunds to rental fees for defects unless the guest contacts us upon discovery, allows us to make it "right", etc.)  The page must be signed by the primary renter, agreeing to the terms and condtions.


              I'm always amazed that the very people who want to cut a deal are the ones who don't read the contract before they agree to it, and sign it.  Maybe they don't understand it is a legal document.  You have to wonder how they get through life in general- maybe they think rules don't apply to them.


              One thing for sure, being a VR owner is never boring!!!