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    Is Yapstone and /or VacationRentPayment a devision of and operated by HA/VRBO?

    khs Contributor

      I'm not sure who I'm dealing with anymore regarding payments. Is it possible that Yapstone and or/VacationRentPayment (not sure which one we're actually dealing with) is  owned/operated by HA/VRBO as the real entity behind the curtain without full disclosure or transparency? Is this why they don't replace them or call them out despite countless complaints because they are one in the same we are now dealing with?


      Can customer service and or Erin pease give us the behind the scenes truth and clarify this for us? Because I can not understand why HA allows the financial challenges to continue.


      My direct deposits payments have discrepancies that make no sense, even to my premier partner support. When elevated to tech support now 3 days later and still no resolution or payment correction.