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    Reservations  Page needs a face lift.

    ohst8er Premier Contributor

      First of all, thank you homeaway_community_manager Erinn for getting to the bottom of the disappearing address fields for us so quickly.


      But it brought up a pretty important point, the Reservations Page.  It needs a facelift.  Here's my suggestions (one of which is sort of plagiarized from patpat), the pertinent info, Name, address, phone number, email address should populate ON THE FIRST PAGE at the top of every reservation page, then the details of payment, THEN the conversation (and a place to send messages), then the notes section , then the cancellation button.  The EDIT BUTTON should only be needed when we actually NEED to edit a reservation. 



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          feibus CommunityAmbassador

          That sounds like an A/B test to come

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            ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

            I like your thought process.  It would be MAHVELOUS to have all of that information at my fingertips and PRINTABLE.


            I would also like to see the calendar page go back to showing the NAME of the guest instead of the amount of the rental.  I do not follow my calendar by dollar amounts....I refer to my guests by NAME, not by "Mr. $475.00". If it is too hard to put the name back on the calendar, then make it the reservation number.  I can cross reference that.

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              homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

              Hi ohst8er and all,


              Funny you should bring this up!  We're currently working on updating this page. Stay tuned!



              HomeAway Community Manager

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                patpat Contributor

                Thank you so, so much for bringing this up in a new thread! I was so exhausted in my efforts by going through protocol of making suggestions through "feedback" many, many times and for quite awhile on this topic. Same goes for the calendar as suggested by ashevillelookoutwhich had been an even greater source of aggravation for me since I print the calendars out for each property, cross out the booking amount to send to the cleaning company, and hang in the office for mowing or maintenance schedule. I see no reason to have a booking amount on the calendar. I also write in guest name, number of adults and children, and phone # on my copy of all calendars so I can easily find the guest phone # to text them when I'm out in the field; esp. since there is no easy way to bring up the HA app, guest reservation and click on a text icon. We're talking time consuming stuff here. It would be nice if the standard rentals in our area were "weekly" rentals, but they are not. We average mostly 2 and 3 night stays. That means a little more hassle all the way around.  It's been frustrating using the "feedback" for as long as I have and I feel like it goes nowhere. I have talked to CS about this and have been told to keep doing it, that it all gets read......but so much time has gone by and nothing, so....what am I really to think? There is a point where you give up trying. So I thank you again for bringing this up. Is this the better/quicker place to go to with suggestions or should we click on "feedback" as I was told. Perhaps both! I have not used the forum all that long. To be honest, I really did not know much about it for the longest time. It was overwhelming just getting my feet wet with the whole vrbo experience, learning the website, learning the business, the website changes, the things I never knew about vrbo and had to learn the hard way, etc. So now the more I go to the forum, the more value I see in it.

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                  ddpllc New Member

                  New-ish to VRBO, and I keep a printed copy of reservation summary details.  It was bad enough expanding and printing the messages page to get the info, but now with the new pop-ups for the details, it is worse.   I have a program on my computer called Snag It, so I capture the guest information, then the reservation $$ breakdown in another, and the owner fees in yet a third capture.  Then I paste these into a Word doc for printing (or saving electronically for paperless people!).


                  Works, but what a pain.  I sent a note in about this....