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    Payable to You Amount Completely Wrong. Here's a fix (kind of).

    hangalen7 Contributor

      Add up everything above the service fee in the payment breakdown then subtract 8%. It will be wrong but only slightly so you should be able to guess from there which bank deposit matches the guest and know it's roughly correct. It's absolutely absurd that HA doesn't tell it's hosts how much they are getting from a guest. It is also a real hardship that HA doesn't supply any way of tracking a deposit from a guest to your bank account (an identifying number for that guest that shows on the bank deposit for example).


      If anyone has a better way to make up for HA's broken payment breakdown please share it!


      I just wasted an entire day trying to reconcile my guest payments with my bank deposits. It can be done and I will post how in another post (search "how to reconcile Homeaway payments with your bank deposits")

      The second part of this puzzle is how in the world HomeAway calculates the payment to the host? They deliberately put the wrong figure in the payment breakdown and they know it. "Payabe to you" includes not only the deposit but the cc processing fees for the deposit. They don't seem motivated to fix it at all. Searching this forum it is packed with frustrated hosts and/or hosts that have accepted that HomeAway is hiding the amount they are paying them.


      Calling customer service is a waste of time. Some will be certain they can crack the formula but the figure won't ever match the deposit in your bank. The strategy for them is to tell you to get an accountant (to figure out HA's  own internal broken math). If that doesn't get rid of you they'll try to transfer you to their payment processor who has absolutely no idea and nothing to do with how homeaway calculates it's service fees, cc processing fees, refundable damage deposit and all the rest. It's just not their department.


      Compare this to Airbnb which has the exact deposit amount right in the calendar without even opening a reservation. You can literally just look at the monthly calendar and know exactly how much you will receive from each reservation. I appreciate how many bookings I get from HA until it's time to confirm deposits, then I dread each one.