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    What's in the fridge?


      Our guests usually stay for just a weekend.  Sometimes they bring food, sometimes they buy it locally.  And as we clean the house after each set of guests, we find that almost everyone leaves some of it behind. If it looks good (especially if unopened) - we eat it!  For example, this last Sunday we inherited a whole pack of Klondike bars!


      So for those of you who are first into your home after guests leave, what has been:


      1. The MOST COMMON thing people leave in the fridge or freezer?


      2. The BEST thing someone has left in the fridge or freezer?


      3. The WORST thing someone has left in the fridge or freezer?


      4. the WEIRDEST thing someone has left in the fridge or freezer?


      For us it is:

      1. Sticks of butter.  ALWAYS.  We have more butter than we'll ever know what to do with.  It seems everyone has to make good ol' fashioned scrambled eggs fried in butter in a pan - usually on their last day in the house.  And then they leave 3 of the 4 sticks behind.


      2. Ice cream:  Ben and Jerry's, Klondike bars, Hershey's Mint Chocolate chip in a tub. Any kind of ice cream is a best thing for us.


      3. Fish.  Stinky, slimy fish.  In the vegetable drawer.  Had to soak the drawer in bleach for a day to get the smell out (thankfully they checked out the day before the garbage man came!)


      4. A full carton of eggs, with every single one cracked.  Not broken open, just cracked.  Weird.


      So what about you????


      (Tom C)

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          So for those of you who are first into your home after guests leave, what has been:


          1. The MOST COMMON thing people leave in the fridge or freezer? Butter, milk, eggs, pancake syrup, peanut butter, salsa


          2. The BEST thing someone has left in the fridge or freezer? My husband loves it when they leave beer. Expensive cuts of lunchmeat or speciality cheeses or organic pre-cut unopened fruit from Whole Foods.


          3. The WORST thing someone has left in the fridge or freezer? Actually not in the freezer, but someone left cooked chicken breasts in a pan in the oven that had started to go bad.


          4. the WEIRDEST thing someone has left in the fridge or freezer? not that weird but a big pot of cooked rice (still in the pot they cooked it in), actually by the same person that left the rotting chicken breasts in the oven.





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            So for those of you who are first into your home after guests leave, what has been:


            1. The MOST COMMON thing people leave in the fridge or freezer? ... leftovers from Chinese food in those little fold-up paper cartons with the wire handle


            2. The BEST thing someone has left in the fridge or freezer? I'm vegan so I don't eat much of anything they leave behind, but ... my sweetheart likes it when they leave eggs since he enjoys those for breakfast.  I do wish they would leave some vegan ice cream in the freezer, but so far, no luck. 


            3. The WORST thing someone has left in the fridge or freezer? A whole refrigerator full of spoiled food, including glass bottles of milk that were more than 2 months old and had turned solid inside the bottles, cottage cheese and other items in a similar state; and food (some sort of meat & noodles dish) still in the skillet it was cooked in, which was all moldy.

            4. the WEIRDEST thing someone has left in the fridge or freezer? Hmm, well, if "gross" counts as weird, I think my item #3 also counts as my item #4. 


            Fun idea for a topic, swiss-house. Looking forward to seeing what other folks have to say.

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              1. The MOST COMMON - coffee creamer, sometimes half n half, sometimes flavored probably more than butter


              2. The BEST - 4lbs of frozen chicken breasts along with a nearly new bag of those little red/yellow/orange sweet peppers, mmmmmmmm


              3. The WORST - the half eaten 2 day old burrito.


              4. the WEIRDEST - the bottle of wine we put there for them, seems most either don't drink it or they leave a replacement.


              As we live on site, I get to see what's there right after they check out. I usually say to my wife, gee wonder what they left us. :) Of course guests moving on to another VR leave nothing, those headed for the airport leave everything.  None goes to waste, if we don't appropriate it for ourselves (with a cheerful, albeit silent thank you) our dogs get the rest, even if half eaten. That said, not too sure what to do with that new package of tofu, hmmmm.

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                  anja Senior Contributor

                  Oooo David, I love those little red/yellow/orange sweet peppers, too.


                  This is a fun thread. Thanks swiss-house...



                  1. MOST COMMON: butter!  We gotta a lotta butta!!


                  2. BEST:  ice cream from a local place here called, "Tropical Dreams".  (Eat your heart out Ben & Jerry)


                  3. WORST:  Old, brownish, runny guacamole. (I've got to stop giving guests avocados)


                  4. WEIRDEST: We don't know what it was. It was "Asian" we think, from the special section in the local supermarket. It was in one of our "Zip-Lock Food tubs". You tell me:  brownish/greenish sauce, leafy and very pungent.  Very weird.  Did not taste.




                  P.S.  For clarity:  we completely clean the refrigerators between guests. Every guest finds a clean, empty refrigerator [except for a few bottles of cold water we provide for "arrival quenching"...the drive from airport is long].  We do not leave food from previous guests in the refrigerator.  We do have a grocery pantry we stock...and supplement with anything unopened that is left behind.  The little food pantry is  "a hit".

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                  The info sheet I email to tenants and leave in condo states, among other "rules" , to remove all food from fridge and cabinets. Also states that leaving food is one of the things that may cause the cleaning service to charge extra & notes that if I'm charged extra, the cost is passed along. Often, I check over the condo before our cleaning service. I'm happy to report that other than a few boxed items in cabinets, food isn't left.I do find it strange that lots of people leave disposible salt & pepper shakers. I have a nice set of salt  shaker & pepper grinder, boxed salt and whole mixed peppercorns in the condo.

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                    Our cleaner gets anything that's left and loves when it's something good.  She's shared some of the items:


                    1. Most Common - butter, jam, pancake syrup (always the fake kind, not real maple) and liquor in the freezer (usually vodka!)  Our cleaner doesn't drink so it stays there!  Oh and various flavors of rum in the cabinet next to the fridge; well, it is the islands, mon.


                    2. Best - frozen chicken or vegetables in unopened packages.  Once there was a whole frozen chocolate cake!


                    3. Worst - anything spoiled, usually leftovers they should have thrown away, a leaking can of Coke (what a mess)


                    4. Weird - Are you ready?  Flip Flops!!!  What they were doing in the bottom veg drawer, we have no idea.  Cool feet?

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                        1. Most Common - Salad dressings, ketchup, mustard, jam and ice


                        2. Best - Alcohol. Unopened large bottles. 10 bottles total...4 opened (threw them out)...6 sealed and never opened...Grey goose vodka, Saphire Gin, Meyers rum, Jim Beam (or was it Jack Daniels?), Baileys Irish Cream, and Ketel One vodka. Hundreds of dollars of alcohol. Also, 2 dozen bottles of beer...Sierra nevada. An email from the guest shortly after his check-out, indicated he'd forgotten to take it and was furious with himself. He was too far away to come back for it and didn't wanna pay the postage. He asked me to put it to good use haha.


                        3. Worst - Molasses...an entire LARGE jar of malasses (lid off) knocked on its side. The entire jar had oozed onto the top rack of the fridge and had then dripped and oozed down onto each and every other shelf. It had set solid, like hard candy and  took more than an hour to clean just the fridge.


                        4. Weird - An entire meal, ribeye steaks, corn and potatoes...cooked on the grill and then left there. Completely dehydrated and shrivelled up...had been sitting in there for days prior to them leaving.

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                        mike-dfv CommunityAmbassador

                        Most Common AND best: beer ... and boy do I appreciate that! One guest left a whole case.


                        Worst: leftover food


                        Weirdest: Not sure what it was, but it was all over the refrigerator and took some real cleaning effort.



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                          twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

                          Funny that you brought this subject up, I just posted how almost all of our guests leave something for the next guest. When I went to my vacation home, my guests actually left me (they knew I was coming) a fresh unopened package of cherries and strawberries. Along with some ice cream bars which helped with the triple digit temps.


                          I do remember one year my cleaning lady said that some people had left their entire Thanksgiving dinner in the fridge and what to do with it? I said...throw it out. Just as she was about to do that, other family members came to retreive it (after check out time). STRANGE!


                          Most of the time, folks are very considerate and leave a treat for someone else that they don't even know. My cleaning folks have strict instructions to check expiration dates on anything and get rid of anything expired. Since they do this all the time, they know what has been added each time, so it doesn't take long. I also let them take things home for their families if I don't have someone checking in for a period of time. They love that!

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                            carol Premier Contributor

                            Most common: ketchup & mustard. 


                            Best: My FAVORITE was three perfectly ripe mangos.   I love mangos!


                            Worst: a broken shelf probably caused by them shoving too much into the fridge


                            Wierdest was two gallons of milk, unopened, not expired.   Who buys more than one gallon at a time? 

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                                We have suggested to guests that if they wish to leave food behind (useable, unopened), we are happy to donate to a locate food pantry. With pantrys not receiving donations as they did years ago, they are very grateful for all they get. We donate fresh fruit and vegetables, cereal, milk, butter, juice, jams and bread.


                                Our cleaning people get the beer, I get the wine and vodka.




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                                  In my case its not what's in the fridge but what was in the fridge!  Your broken shelf reminds me of my worst renter this year.  He is a well known national figure and his family also broke our shelves in the fridge as well as its drawers inside.  I was wondering if he was stuffing a girl friend, groupie, or other in there when the wife shows up.  They should work for Consumer Reports on appliances.

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                                      After suffering broken shelves a time or 2 I bought a small ice chest on wheels. I think some guests tried to stuff in too much beer- ( it weighs a LOT if you stuff a fridge full!). The cooler is right around the corner from the kitchen in the laundry area, and I encourage people to use it for overflow.


                                      Since I've done this I've had problems with the refrigerator. ( SO FAR!~~~!)


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                                    WINE AND BEER!!!!!!!