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    Product Updates

    homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

      Hello Everyone,


      We have created a place where you can see important recent updates to the site. You can view it here. To set expectations, we will only post major changes to this space and not every single change we make.


      product updates.jpg


      Since my last update:


      • Partners can now add notes to dates they block in their calendars. These notes are visible only to the partner and cannot be seen by the traveler.

      Premier Partner

      • Premier Partner listings that no longer meet the criteria of the program have had their Premier Partner badges removed.
      • You can now see how the performance of your individual listings compare to Premier Partner requirements. Click “View scorecard” in the header of your ranking metrics.

      Ranking metrics

      • Coaching indicators at the top of each ranking metric card have been removed. We’re considering other ways to provide coaching to improve your ranking metrics.

      Traveler-facing changes

      • Travelers can now filter search results to show only Premier Partner properties.

      Bookings and Inquiries

      • In messages delivered through the HomeAway platform, email addresses are no longer redacted after a booking is complete.


      • The calendar travelers see on your listing is now updated automatically any time a change is made to your calendar. The calendar refresh button on the reservations calendar has been removed.


      • You can now customize your rates for specific dates directly from MarketMaker.
      • You are no longer able to set custom strategies for a set of dates.


      • The payment details page for each booking has been redesigned. The redesign makes it easier for you to see how much you make, how much HomeAway collected, and the total amount the traveler paid. Click here to learn more.