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    Ready for Refurbishment

    ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

      We do a semi-annual review of our property and take care of those items that appear too worn or damaged to continue to be in place.  That is pretty easy, considering that it is mostly linen replacement and checking over kitchen ware.  But we are now approaching a new year and need to change out some larger items -- but how far do we go?


      We will be taking the cabin off the market for a few weeks during January, our least rented period, to do a total interior paint, refinish the hardwood floors, check over the plumbing and caulking in the bathroom and pull maintenance on the furnace/AC and all of the appliances.  The bed linens will be refreshed, the bath towels replaced, and the pots and pans and dishes in the kitchen swapped out with new from storage.  A week sometime in the late spring will see the exterior repainted.


      The question is what to do about the furnishings?  Everything is in good shape; beds less than 5 years, no rickety chairs or tables, excellent leather couch.  A guest would feel the homeliness, but I feel the age.  This is strictly due to the fact that I have owned the home for so many years and have a habit of replacing furniture with like pieces; none of which are ancient, but everything is "familiar".  As stated in my RA, the décor may change without notice, but the functionality will remain the same.


      How often have you totally replaced the furnishings of your vacation rental?  Have you hired a decorator?  Have you gone with a brand, like IKEA? Followed a decorating magazine?  Do you emulate furniture catalogs or showrooms? 


      How far would you go?

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          u0999 Premier Contributor

          Not gotten to the point yet as all our furniture is log furniture, it does no go out of style in a log cabin and it is built heavy duty and lasts. So far we have only replaced coffee tables with Foosball coffee tables and couple or rooms to go coffee/end  tables with our custom made ones.  What I do tend to replace is area rugs,


          throw pillows, bedspreads. Soon i may need to replace leather sofas.


          i would also look at cookware and toss especially worn/scratched.

          Also look at your lighting - it makes a big impact often not for too much money. maybe update chandeliers and vanity lights to new style, or at lest see if lamp shades need replacing.


          I have pine cone themed lighting in on of my cabins that I bought at a discount ff ebay. IMO it gives just a right touch and does not look like big box store standard stuff.


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            calicalling Active Contributor

            We haven't had to replace our furnishings since buyinig, but I did have to replace things when we bought the units. Although they came furnished, they had the feel of high-end middle age-- the furnishings were super nice, but very true to the age of the units (about 10 years old when I bought).


            For about 10K per unit I was able to refresh all the furnishings by replacing key pieces, refinishing some (for example, giving a pine sleigh bed a dark espresso stain) switching out light fixtures, replacing  the linen, etc. I find that replacing dates artwork for something quirky or modern makes a big difference, too.


            I get some amazing things from Craigslist and FB Marketplace. A guest never knows if you paid retail for your Thomasville bed, or bought it for 10% of retail on CL. And besides, once they scratch it the first time with a suitcase, its only worth 10% of retail, anyway. There is also a hotel liquidator not too far from me, and they often have very nice, commercial quality lighting, etc. I find most bedding and linen at BBB (20% clearance is a pretty good deal); HomeGoods; Dillards clearance; or Restoration Hardware clearance. Obviously, I'm not one to pay full price when I can create something amazing from a clearance rack. ;-)


            Hope that helps.