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    Another change for Multiple listings

    rinaldomoon Senior Contributor

      I don't know if this option is offered on the North America side but on HomeAway.co.uk, we are and have been offered "multiple listing" if the accommodation are at the same address.


      Traditionally it was a useful offer that allowed some $ savings with features which were very useful. All that has changed.


      In the best days, all "units" could be viewed by clicking tabs at the top of the listing which would take you to that unit with its own information, pictures and calendar.


      The tabs have been removed with a clickable "other properties" photo by this owner.


      Now that is gone!


      Problem is all units (3 in my case) have the same property number. Each listing does have a "unit" number but this number cannot be used on its own for a traveler.


      So even if my listing says "3 vacation rentals..." a traveler will have no way of seeing each one without finding each in a search result.


      Problem is each unit now have their own search metrics and now get separated often appearing on a different page instead of sticking together.


      I recall it is within the rules for owners/managers the right to show their other accommodations on each listing so long as payment has been made for each listing.


      I assume the "multiple listing" package (extra cost for each unit) falls under this rule so I should be able to show the other units by number on each of their listings.


      Problem is the number in itself is useless... a whole URL is needed to find the other units on a HomeAway search. Not very traveler-friendly if they cannot simply click a link or picture instead having to "copy/paste" a URL in order to find those units.


      Anyway I hope I am now allowed to describe all 3 of my accommodations in each unit descriptions with the URL but what a pain in the back.


      Lucky that when I receive any inquiry asking about each units, I am able to include the URL in the response without it being redacted.


      I am wondering why HomeAway is making things so complicated when things worked so well before. Maybe this "multi-listing" package is no longer worth the savings.


      Purchase separate subscriptions?



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          calicalling Active Contributor

          As a traveler, I hope you don't mind me commenting that this a good change for the guest in my opinion.


          When I backpacked a Tacky American Tourist Tour of Europe with my 4 sons for 6 weeks last summer, the listings with multiple units under one listing were VERY difficult to navigate/understand/select. When I contacted owners they would say things like "We will make sure you have a very nice accommodation." I didn't want a 'very nice' mystery accommodation. I wanted to see the pictures of the exact listing I was renting.


          I ended up renting all 10 or so of my places through Airbnb.


          For what its worth, I have 4 condos in the same building that I list here in the USA. I rent them individually, in pairs by floor and also as a whole building rental. I find that if you use the same image of the front of your building (or some shared space like the garden), guests figure out that they are all in the same building. I also list my various properties in the descriptions of the other listings. If you want to chat more about how I manage it, please feel free to DM.