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    Ski Resort Condo Owners - feedback please

    richs New Member

      Brand new listing for a 1-bedroom condo built in 2008 at Winter Park, Colorado. 


      This is my second listing but still figuring things out. My first listing is a different unit (2-bedroom, same location) in October where I made various mistakes (pricing too low, no taxes collected, etc).


      Looking for feedback about the following:


      - description/features
      - photos

      - method for pricing




      For description I tried to describe the experience, but maybe I can do better.  I took the time to click every feature/amenity and offer details.


      For photos, the unit pics are unavoidably plain at the moment. Hoping to visit in the next few weeks and spice things up with come better staging and colorful items (pillows, blankets, etc) along with some pictures of the new cookware/utensils.  I included a bunch of pictures with myself/wife/dogs (intentionally) from my collection of past visits, not sure if that's a good idea or not.


      For pricing I've been using the MarketMaker, which I really like. It could be better, but after ensuring with the map that my comps are reasonable (same building, same 1-bedroom/1-bath) my approach was to avoid being higher than the unbooked units (always) and typically between the value of booked units and unbooked.  I pretty much set prices day by day, took a few hours.  Had inconsistent results which made be doubt the accuracy of the booked units (they were unreasonably high) but after an hour they suddenly dropped and then I took a 2nd pass to further tweak.


      I still haven't written up detailed info for the hospitality manager, I figure I'll get to that in next few weeks.  And I have a custom lease created by a local attorney that I plan to enable with esignature and send immediately after bookings.


      Thanks for any comments/critiquing, I've read countless posts here that show me there is a lot of learn, one step at a time ;-)